Nobody likes orange.

Finally.  A new, peaceful theme.


I wasn’t truly loving the orange in my last digs, but something odd has happened as a result of that recent having to live with it for as long as I did and survive.  When I’m out and about, all things orange catch my eye.  And I have been doing a bit of shopping since our vacation is looming…

…in twelve days.

So why am I messing around with my blog theme, you ask?

I’ve been wondering that myself all afternoon.  Actually for quite a few days now.

I have this tendency to procrastinate when I least should.  Like there’s actually a good time to procrastinate?  Obviously, it’s some misguided passive aggressive behavior my subconscious has manufactured to lull me out of my humdrum existence.


Sounds good, right?

But back to the shopping and the orange.  I’d notice a sporty Carmen Ghia in a parking lot, patterns on furniture featuring a light rust.  Or cute cotton tees of a rich cantaloupe. And bright orange patent leather sandals.  I knew I had a fetish for red shoes, but orange?   Mmmmm….cute little summer sandals with little clicky heels.  Straps.  A smart bow.

Like I said, orange.  Did I actually buy them?  Sadly, no.  And that’s too bad, because they looked like a seriously good time waiting to happen.  I would not expect to have a good time walking about in Italy wearing them.  It’s so not worth the pain and scars.  Okay, so maybe sometimes it is, but not this time.  Does it count, however, that I now own an orange Mario Batalli lasagna pan?  And two — not one, but two orange tee-shirts?


When I was little, each time that I received a brand new box of Crayola crayons, first I’d inhale their waxy fragrance, then notice that two of those crayons fit right in in my “ugly color” category.  Purple.  And orange.

Who knew that I’d end up thinking about orange? Actually liking it.  And purple?  Hell will freeze over before I even think about liking purple.

So which came first?  My orange blog theme, or the fashion industry cajoling me to think about all things ORANGE?  If I learned anything from Meryl Streep in The Devil Wears Prada, it would be that.

Who cares.  What does matter is that I also noticed I wasn’t keeping up with my writing here, and when that happens, I sort of begin to wilt a bit.  Sure, I’m spending more and more time in foodland, and…well


How could I get away with writing something as stoopid as this in foodland?

Nobody likes orange.

Do they?



12 responses to “Nobody likes orange.”

  1. well i for one like it .. and your new header rocks too!!!!!

  2. Thanks paisley. Now FINALLY I can get back to business, right? Okay, so maybe after I tidy things up a bit.

  3. Melissa

    My almost 16 year old daughter’s
    favorite color is orange…. and has been for the last year or so.

  4. Smart girl, your daughter. I’m loving it, actually. Go figure, huh? And I’ll let you know when (not if) I buy those sandals. The issue with the former theme was that I had to do way too much work to alter it, like open Dreamweaver, which is pretty scary for me. But I figure I got an orange love affair out of it. *sigh*

  5. I don’t mind orange, but this is so youuuuuu.

    It’s funny how not having “the perfect for us” theme is such a nagging mother in the back of our minds.

  6. I love orange. My Thermos used to be orange. My site is currently orange.

    I once created a site for a nurses association that was orange that I loved. They hated it.

  7. Okay, so I’m in good company so far. Good thing I didn’t miss the late bloomer opportunity on this! I don’t remember Thermos being orange…

  8. Mrs. G.

    I love orange and oranges. I am wearing orange Keene sandals on my feet right now.

  9. Dang, Mrs. G. I SWEAR I tried on those Keene sandals. I did. But I ended up buying some brown Mephistos instead. If I squeeze my eyes real tight, I maybe could imagine they’re orange like yours.

  10. I for one like it! Didn’t used to, but find myself liking it a bit more these days.

    I am also digging the new look!! It is indeed peaceful!

    I am also here to inform you of a blog change!! Please update & bookmark accordingly. That is all.

    Thanks for playing! :p

  11. I noticed your leaning towards the color Orange after your blog turned that color….Like on your glasses frames.

    I am still a Huge Fan of PURPLE.

    And So Very Jealous that you will be in Italy in 12 days.

    You better POST PICTURES so I can pretend I am there with you.


  12. Color preference is such an amazingly personal thing. I don’t favor orange (even though I use a splash of it on the logo on my site). Don’t care much for purple. Used to be the webmaster of a university where the dominant color was purple. Aside from the color shift and new style which I really like, the fact that several posts run on the page as opposed to just one is my top delight in the new theme. I applaud your persistent creative flair to fly a new design so frequently. Very nice.

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