We arrived back in Paradise last night at about 7:00 after an 11-hour flight from Rome to Cincinnati, then yet another delightful 5-hour flight just about as far as one can go in a Southwesterly direction in these United States.  Long.

Did I say long?

Way long.

I peeked out of my left eyeball in the taxi on the way home from the airport, not quite able to see normally after failing yet again at trying to sleep sitting up, and squeezed in the backseat between my boys, weighed down with carry-on bags the driver couldn’t possibly crush in his already packed trunk.

In my next life, I will live on the Right Coast so that I can enjoy shorter flights to Europe.

It’s 4:20 am, Italy time right now — tomorrow.  And considering I’m on that time about now, and that I’ve been up 16 hours today so far, I should sleep quite a long time tonight.  I’m running on fumes.  Or espresso.

But it was worth it, because I’ve learned so much about Italy…and me.

For example:
Dawn over the Atlantic

It is totally possible to ride on nearly every type of transportation possible on a vacation.  Didn’t they make a movie about Planes, Trains, and Automobiles?

The cars are very small.
Parking in Rome

There are young people everywhere, and I wonder who their parents are.  Okay, so I really don’t, but still.  What you can’t see is the open market surrounding this guy.
Is this your son?
When you think something is old, stop, think again, then understand there’s a whole different level of old.  Julius Caesar was stabbed on the steps of a temple that used to be here.  Like that old.
It would be nice to have a produce market to go to each morning.

Fresh squeezed orange juice is 6 Euros a glass, and isn’t it nice that there wasn’t a menu.  Can we have two glasses, please?

Espresso can actually come in a cup that holds one tablespoon.  Really.  For 3 Euros.

Bad hair days can be experienced by everyone.
Me on Vacation

It is still possible to get all worked up over religious iconography.  Like, you know.  Moved to tears.
Inside St. Peter's

But, yes, we’re back. And since I’m falling off my chair, I’ll wait to put this all in some kind of order.




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8 responses to “Un-jetlagging”

  1. Welcome back! Yea! Pictures! I can’t wait to see and here more..but right now, get yourself some sleep.

  2. Welcome back! Those pictures are just great. Although I don’t think all of them are loading right. I’d love to visit Italy someday, but it is so expensive! 6 euros for a glass of orange juice and 3 for one tablespoon of espresso? Wow! I guess it is all worth it 🙂

  3. Hey mel! Thanks for stopping by. I’m trying to sort through the photos and jeez there are a million. I’ve started loading some onto flickr — you know, like, Hey, I went to Italy and all I brought back were these photos. No tee-shirt.

    Ben! Hmmm…don’t know what’s up with the photos. It’s all good here. They’re flickr linked, so let me know. And yes, it’s pretty expensive, but mostly because of the exchange rate. Wine is very reasonable and very tasty. What more could anyone want, right?

  4. Yeay! Kellypea is home!

    Thank you for posting and for these photos. Very nice glimpse into your trip.

    I will be stalking your flickr account for more Italy Photos.

    Im happy to know you arrived home SAFE.

    Cant wait to hear MORE.

  5. loripea

    I figured you’d be tired, that’s the reason I have not called. Haley gets back tomorrow. She sounds really tired when she calls. She said the stuff was really expensive too! I told her just spend the $$$, it will be awhile before she goes back. I’m gald you landed and can’t wait to see the pictures.

  6. Your pictures are awesome. And amusing too : ) Thanks for letting me vacation in Italy through you…

  7. Hi meleah — it was quite the trip and yes, it is possible to be very glad to be home and sleeping in one’s own comfy bed. If we could figure out how to lose the long flight, I’d go all over again.

    Hey lormo — yep. Exhausted. Hot. Sweaty. Sore. And riddled with mosquito bites. But already missing the coffee, the food, warm ocean water, and wine. Can’t wait to hear about Haley’s trip.

    Thanks, Lynn. It’s probably going to get monotonous, but I promised myself I’d write about it all. This is the best place for me to keep it all. Glad you enjoyed!

  8. I’ve been meaning to comment on this for days, particularly your statement about the different levels of old.

    That is what really resonated with me when I visited Rome at 14, walking through The Forum and just starting to comprehend what a historical place I was visiting.

    Thanks for sharing your adventures.


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