Wordle and Other Excellent Friday Distractions

Have you spent time with wordle yet?

It’s fun if you don’t have anything better to do. In fact, it’s perfect if you do have things to do, but just can’t seem to motivate yourself to do them.

Cleaning the house seems more attractive by comparison considering the dark mood I was in after spending some time pencil writing last evening. I actually accomplished something while sitting in the late afternoon sun, thinking, remembering, questioning. And then my neighbor came home and wandered over to talk.  This would be the neighbor who feigns neighborliness until one’s out of earshot.  The one who puts his trash out on Sunday morning to sit for an entire day so the rest of the neighborhood can enjoy its loveliness.  The one who who seizes any moment to mention that our dog barks when she doesn’t.  And who lets the spindly trees that are supposed to be a hedge grow without trimming them.  Robert Frost had something to say about good fences making good neighbors, didn’t he?

Sometimes, I like to think that things happen for a reason, and the exercise was enough to make me really wonder about whether some aspects of our lives need to be put down on paper — even if they’re fictionalized. And if they actually happened, then why the need to fictionalize?

I’m just not sure.

But my mood was with me through the night, and it wasn’t until after I returned from my early walk with my friend that I realized the mood was gone, my spirits lifted.

That’s what exercise, non-stop blathering about everything under the sun, and laughter will do.

Of course, finding more interesting ways to distract myself also works.  I haven’t been able to decide whether I look best in Mucha,


or Botticelli, 

but I’m leaning toward the latter since we saw La Primavera, The Birth of Venus, and other beautiful works while we were in Italy.

Well, and the eyebrows are right.  Nonexistent. Or very nearly.

In my next life, I will have eyebrows.

Perhaps I will write about that.


9 responses to “Wordle and Other Excellent Friday Distractions”

  1. omg… that site is way too fun…..

  2. Thanks for the wordle Kelly, that is going to distract me for awhile!
    Oh and I like the 3rd picture best as well.

  3. My favorite is the Botticelli. I am totally checking out that link…and I am THRILLED to hear your spirits have been lifted.

  4. I agree, paisley. So many possibilities to prevent me from having to clean toilets!

    Hey Jenny! Distractions are good sometimes, right? I think I’m going to find a permanent place for that third “me.”

    meleah, you just never know about my spirits. I’m either on or off. There never seems to be a medium heat. No matter. Life goes on and I have absolutely NO complaints. Zero.

  5. […] morning I was perusing through Kellementology.com, Kelly’s ever inspiring blog and ran across a reference to wordle.net. The image is from my […]

  6. Kelley, thanks for the wordle reference. I saw one on someone cube the other day and thought it very cool. Wrote a quick post about the psyche behind the blog. Interesting look at what words we use most. Love the pics but I fear my mug wouldn’t fare as well as yours. I’m liking your mucha, very delicate features indeed. The Botticelli however has a mysterious quality to it.

  7. Hi Phil! It’s always pleasant when I see you’ve come to visit. Hmmm…psyche behind the blog indeed. I’m sure I’m Dr. Jeckyl and Mr. Hyde, or something. At least that’s how it feels at times. Have fun with wordle!

  8. That site is cool (the photo transformer). I’m looking forward to playing with it…

  9. Hey magpie — it’s a lot of fun, and pretty strange, too, because I had the MoH sit for a quick photo and try it, and his images were pretty bizarre. It wigs out a bit if you have glasses on.

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