Yeah? So — what of it?

Last week, one of the bloggers I’ve come across in foodland wrote a post inquiring about what readers like or don’t like in a blog.  Although I always enjoy this particular person’s posts because she’s extremely smart, very opinionated, and an excellent writer, they’re unusual in that they aren’t always about recipes and food porn shots.

No, not THAT kind of food porn.  This kind.

She attracts tons of comments, also unusual for much of foodland. No, not the sheer quantity, which is quite impressive, but the quality. Nearly every commenter has something substantive to say about whatever she has written.

I know I’ve been hooked more than once to chime in — whether it’s in response to what she has written, or to what one of the commentators has mentioned.   And although I’ve taken liberties before with her generous space (she allows 3000 character comments…whoa!) to respond in a near post, I’ve waited on this one, just to see if the slow burn that I developed reading that day would dissipate.


Maybe it’s because everyone has an opinion and that’s annoying.  No, that wouldn’t work since I’m the leader of the pack.

Or, it could be that a blog is such a personal thing as compared to a magazine, or a newspaper, and, well, it’s free. So as much as we all wonder at times who reads our blathering and who doesn’t (or why), it isn’t like we’ll go out of business and stop the presses if no one reads.  We just hobble pathetically along, right?  Uh-huh.  Whatever.

I think my favorite comment had to do with “lengthy blog posts” which is probably why I’m still simmering.

When have I NOT done a lengthy post? Excuse the hell out of me, but Hell would freeze over first.  I found it quite ironic, since the person making the comment was doing so on a blog that publishes lengthy posts. Excellent posts, mind you, but lengthy.  Glad I’m in such good company.   In much the same way that there are political cartoonists who turn huge issues into a few words and an image, some choose to write, far too many talk whether anyone is listening or not, and some joke.  I’d rather not read blogs that only publish one short silly post after another.  What’s the point?  They didn’t invest any kind of thought, so why should I?  *Tsk, tsk.  Cranky, aren’t we?*

A few comments had to do with changing things on the blog. They were concerned that something would change.

News Flash.  Things Change.  You know, like the planet?  Or haven’t you noticed?  Half the fun of having a blog is to CHANGE things.  What?  It’s difficult to read the words and the thinking behind the words if the font changes?  Or the header?  Or the widgets…wait, I need to fan myself…

Some of the commenters groused about music players on blogs — you know, where you open a blog and the author has a favorite piece playing?

I’m thinking that it’s not TOO CHALLENGING to lower the volume if you choose not to listen.  But perhaps for those individuals, finding the volume button is.

Even better?  Some mentioned that since they read blogs while at work, the players were on loud and that others might hear.

WAIT.  Let me get this straight.  A person is reading blogs at work instead of working, but she wants YOU to not have a music player on your blog so HER coworkers can’t hear it...  Okay, the line forms to the left for egotistical maniacs.  Seriously.

Another chimer-inner and subsequent dittoers voiced their complaints about blogs and awards. That they’re tiresome.  That they know the only reason people give out awards is to get credit for links.

Actually, at least from my speck of perspective, when I pass on an award that someone has given me, it’s because I believe that person deserves it.  Go back to the point about investing time in reading blogs.  When you do that, you can actually say thanks to someone else, and recognize that effort in a meaningful way.  Oh, but wait.  That would be a long, involved post, wouldn’t it?  And you’d actually have to be able to say why you enjoyed someone’s blog for a reason other than it’s short. But what do I know?

This one’s the doozie.  Some mentioned that the only time people comment on their blog is after they’ve posted, and only because they want that individual to come comment on theirs.

Huh?  You’ve got to be kidding.  And then some people defended themselves over this crap, like they actually needed to dignify it with any kind of response other than bull*hit.  So let’s see.  I spend my time writing which is no small investment of time, and then my reward is to visit those I enjoy reading AND look around for new ones, and that’s categorized as fishing for comments?  Bear in mind this is BEFORE I do my housework for gawdsakes. What if I read other’s blogs first?  Wait.  I do my email first, and that actually takes a while.  So if I read blogs first, and commented — which I almost always take the time to do — I’d never get around to posting.  Who are these people and why are they so whiney?

Last, but not least.  Advertisements. I bet you knew this was coming?  Several people mentioned the ads and how annoying they are.

Fine.  Ever looked at a magazine?  Newspaper?  Watch television?  I know.  I don’t like commercials, either, which is why TiVo exists, or why I wait to go to the bathroom on the commercials — you know, to piss off the advertisers.  Except for Target.  I love their ads.  Where was I?  Oh yes, advertisements on blogs.  Guess what?  Don’t pay attention to them then.  It’s really not that difficult.  Sure, if a site has ten pop-ups then it’s a problem, but you should have figured out how to block those a long time ago.  Tune into this Bat Channel, yanno?  As for the sites that run lots of those square tech ads?  Hell.  Click on them once in a while.  They actually lead to sites that have good information if that’s what you’re looking for.  It’s not like some boogie man will pop out and bite your head off.  But now that I’m thinking of it, that’s not a bad idea.  At least it would spare us the inane comments.

And while I’m on the subject…my ads pay for my hosting service.  Would you bend over and pick up that check if it blew up against your shoe?  Now it would be swell if they paid for all the time I spent writing and managing, cooking, shooting, and editing.  But it doesn’t.  The MoH pays for that, and I’m sure he’s wishing I’d get off my butt and actually write something that involved an advance and some sales.

But he’s a very patient man.

So, what’s your take on all of this hooplah?  I’m being overly sensitive, right?  I should just shut my mouth and get back to work?

Pass you a slice of that cake?

Hell, I’m relieved none of them said they were sick of people who plastered stoopid photos of themselves all over their blogs all the time.




12 responses to “Yeah? So — what of it?”

  1. I love this post. You’re pictures are great and I think you are brilliant. Maybe I am sucking up so you will come visit my blog again??? hehehe

  2. Hi Lynn! Grins all ’round. It was heart felt, that’s for sure, but I do have fun when I have a good snark going. No worries, I’ll be around soon! 😉

  3. Haha you take annoyance and make it funny Kelly!

    I’ll pay you to write if you pay me – think we can get both MOH’s to agree to that? 🙂

  4. I loved this post – when I originally started blogging (oh, a whole three years ago so I am ancient in this world), I wrote what I wanted, I didn’t worry about what others thought and followed the weirdest blogs (not yours of course my dear.) The blogging world has changed over time, and I refuse to change with it. No wonder nobody wants to read it…

  5. Hi Jenny — I always have to do a double take when I see you here! Sounds like a pretty cool gig if you ask me!

    Ah, Beth. Isn’t it sooooo true? I had so much fun last year trying to figure this all out, and although I can’t imagine not taking the time to stop here myself each day, I’ve lost people I loved visiting last year. Life gets away from us. Glad you’re back, though. I had no idea it had been 3 years for you. Quite the accomplishment!

  6. You are funny as hell when you are “cranky”

    Um…wait… ” Some mentioned that since they read blogs while at work, the players were on loud and that others might hear.”

    Shut Up! What a complete a$$hole. Why cant they TURN DOWN THE SPEAKERS ON THEIR COMPUTER?


    *shaking head in disbelief*

  7. ps: you look really cute in Black and White photos.

  8. I agree on all counts. It’s all about the quality of the writing. If a post is written well (like this one), I have no problem with it being lengthy. And bad writing is hard to get through even if it’s just a couple paragraphs. People forget that writing is a craft, and they think that because blogging is free anyone can do it successfully.

    Oh, and I love the evil laughter photo :).

  9. I am only leaving a comment so you will return the comment. I hate black kitty widgets and what really sends me over the edge is when someone says “Bwaaahahahhahahaha!”


    Can’t we all just get along for heaven’s sake?

  10. Hey meleah, thanks, and I KNEW that would get your attention. Hahahahaha!

    Hi Francis! Good to hear from you — excellent point. I read enough bad writing when I was teaching, but at least then I could try an influence it. And the photo captions are a great way to keep trying to learn more about photoshop. It makes my head ache sometimes. Of course, I could do something constructive, right?

    iPost — What I found ironic about it all is that very few men were involved in the feedback. Is all this pickiness about blogs a female thing? Just curious.

  11. I go away for a week, try to get caught up in one week and save some of favorite’s for a nice leisurely weekend on the back porch with my computer and a pitcher of mimosas and find the snarkiest and best post of the week!

    Kelly I love you like a sister because you ALWAYS say exactly what is on my mind but do it with much better graphics 😉

  12. Earlene

    Great!! Say it like you mean it! No one is chaining them to their computers.

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