Top Ten Wordless Wednesday Words

My top ten words for this Nearly Wordless Wednesday — not to be confused with Wordless Wednesday since I’m incapable of being wordless on any day of the week — are (you know, in case you were wondering, and waiting, and thinking perhaps that you, too, might feel some ridiculous remote affinity to me):

  1. mundane – which is rude since this is not Monday, which is usually mundane, but wasn’t this week.  Mundane even sounds mundane.
  2. lackluster – like an old piece of silver you might find in a box of baubles saved for reasons you’ve forgotten but which remind you of when you saved them.  It must have been important because they were shiny once upon a time, like a lot of things.
  3. preoccupied — but not “in a brown study” as some nutjobs might be wont to describe it — as in, “She was preoccupied with the concept of nothingness and its effect on boredom during the Dog Days of Summer, which were missed, and so now are being rewound and reviewed in case she missed anything.”
  4. morose — which sort of reminds me of moron or maroon, which makes me think of Bugs Bunny who is never morose.
  5. doldrums — which is far more interesting than “blah” since it actually sounds like it exists somewhere physically, as a suburb might, or a shopping mall, which means you might be able to go there and find something interesting, unless its residents were blah, and whom you’d not want to spend time with since you already find your own self, well, blah.
  6. humdrum — like sitting on a park bench staring at nothing and finding it interesting since it passes the time, but is not in anyway something you could do while in the doldrums since “being humdrum in the doldrums” would attract the attention of others such as shadow puppets.
  7. quotidian — which is nothing like it sounds, unless you’ve been forced to take a Latin class by your parents who swear it will make you a better writer  (Um, right.) because you’d know that quotidian has to do with repetitive daily actions, which can be mundane, and having nothing to do with something unexpected or surprising, as in winning the Lotto, which would never be quotidian.
  8. pedestrian — which is, when you think of it, only a person walking, but can also be lacking inspiration.  So picture a humdrum person in the doldrums walking across the same street to get to the same bus stop to go to the same job to earn the same paycheck to pay the same bills at the same desk at the same time every month.  You know, a pedestrian pedestrian.
  9. ho-hum — as in John McCain.  As in plain baloney on Wonder Bread.  As in this post.
  10. meh — as in, “I feel like pwning some noobs since it would be way more interesting than sitting here and trying to imitate the writing style of Dave Eggers in A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius.  Wait.  Maybe it’s A Staggering Work of Heartbreaking Genius — which is anything but meh.  Like me.

p.s. Gratuitous Wordless Wednesday Photo courtest of my mother who bought this card for my middle son’s recent birthday.


6 responses to “Top Ten Wordless Wednesday Words”

  1. although i have no clue what a “brown study is*” i am just about posative #3 is what you would find were my name listed in the dictionary……

    * it sounds like what one might be doing if they linger a bit too long over the contents of the porcelain goddess….

  2. LOVE the card! Too funny.

  3. Earlene

    Snap out of it! I could still be crashing at your home and you could be worrying about when I was gonna move out on my own!

  4. paisley, I thought that was pretty funny, too. I guess some literati have trouble getting over themselves. Funny, though, huh?

    Lynn, it is utterly my family.

    Mom. Did you laugh? It was supposed to be FUNNY.

  5. loripea

    I loved the card! That was fun knee. Good one mom

  6. I had the SAME exact day as you. Except less the funny card!

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