Pundits and Forum Whackos

It’s kind of sad how days go by and this space sits waiting to take on the color of my days.  It waits quite a bit now, but not by design.  I haven’t lost interest, though.

Most of the time, I feel like one of those clowns that shows up at a kid’s birthday party who works his ass off and nobody gets it.  Maybe I should start a link train. Or present poorly written content laced with spelling errors about products and information thinking others will actually read it so I can make millions from the page views.


I do have quite a bit to say about how obnoxious I find all the pundits backpedaling over McCain’s VP nomination.  You know, Obama doesn’t have experience, but she does.  Blah, blah, blah. I don’t have an issue with “her.”  I have an issue with the extent to which some politicians find voters stupid — women voters in particular.

That they’ll vote for McCain now because he’s got a woman on his ticket who is pro life and eats moose burgers.

And maybe some of them will.

How sad is that?


Even more sad?  The number of whackos who respond to forums and the disgusting content of their comments regarding race and gender.

And they get to vote.



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3 responses to “Pundits and Forum Whackos”

  1. i am not in any way political,, but i must say they are making this campaign fun for those of us that are merely spectators… so what are we gonna do now?? will we vote in the woman or the black man?? and how many of those winning votes will be garnered by only that little snippet of information….

  2. paisley, I wouldn’t call myself political, but I am someone who has difficulty with the idea that we’re treated like idiots by the people we elected to serve us. Yes, I’m sure we’ll all be entertained by all the yackers on television, bless their silly hearts. They’re a big part of the problem. People listen to them and make decisions based on what they say. It’s scary.

  3. I am often frighted by the people who get to vote. Shocking.

    *shakes head in dismay*

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