You, too can enjoy life past 30

Today is my birthday.  And as much as I can say that many women my age choose not to admit their age, I’m proud of mine.

I’m 52 years old.  Not 52 years young, or 52 years better.  It doesn’t need to be made into something other than what it is.



The year I was born, The Platters recorded “The Great Pretender,” Elvis made it to U.S. hit charts for the first time, and Doris Day’s serenade of “Que Sera, Sera” let all who listened know that the future was not for us to decide.

I beg to differ.

Carousel was playing in theaters, and The Edge of Night could be seen on television.  Jackson Pollock died in a car crash, Eisenhower was re-elected President, and IBM invented the “Hard Disk Drive.”

Not that long ago, but at the same time, several lifetimes ago.



I have fond memories of growing up in the latter years of that decade and the earliest of the next, but would love to forget many of the years following, until high school was nearly half over.  Yes, there were good things about those years, but I’d never live them again if given the opportunity.


Um, no thanks.

I’ve learned quite a bit in all this time, so indulge me, and I’ll give you the short version:

    1. Be an optimist.  It’s more efficient.  But Murphy does exist, so if you acknowledge that and prepare yourself, things actually work out.
    2. Really bad things can happen to you and you will get over them, but may always struggle to find even a thread of patience with those who insist upon wallowing in self pity.  Try anyway.
    3. You can find beauty in just about anything with little or no effort.  People who can’t see it aren’t looking close enough.


    1. Be generous with yourself.  It makes no sense to wait around for someone else to do it.
    2. Absolutely nothing horrible happens when you leave dishes in the sink at night, or your bed unmade in the morning.
    3. Acknowledge and work on your own shortcomings and you’ll be so busy you won’t have time to criticize others for theirs.
    4. It is more than possible to enjoy your own kids as teenagers.  I’ve done it three times, and wouldn’t trade those years for toddlerhood if you paid me.
    5. Life is too short to eat packaged food made with highly processed ingredients.  Learn how to cook with fresh ingredients.  Yes, you have time.  You’re welcome.


  1. The concept of Family is not something to be taken lightly.  A bottle of wine can help.
  2. Quiet times during the day are the best, even if they’re only five minutes long and in a dark closet.
  3. It isn’t possible to watch Pride and Prejudice too many times no matter how much my son rolls his eyes.
  4. It’s important to pay attention to what’s going on in the world.  It doesn’t always make sense, but ignoring it makes even less sense.
  5. Good friends are priceless.
  6. Deep and lasting love is about Learning, Appreciation, and Compromise.  Being silly frequently doesn’t hurt, either. 
  7. It is more than possible to appreciate the way your body looks, even though it’s rounder and more soft than it used to be, and lined and marked where it used to be smooth.  Well, mine is.

So, Happy 52nd Birthday to me!  Since most of the Bloggosphere seems to be made up of twenty and thirty somethings with very young children and who often write about aging, I hope this helps you know that life is good after 39 — in fact, better.  It’s all about attitude.

And and occasional masque using French clay and lots of moisturizer.



23 responses to “You, too can enjoy life past 30”

  1. Happy Birthday Kelly!

    I was going to say something about baking you a cake or something, but that would just be silly.

    Hope you had a safe and happy day.


  2. The mask pic is priceless! Happy birthday, Kellypea!

  3. I baked my own “cake” Scott — very nontraditional, and yet to be published on my foodblog. Thanks very, very much for the sentiments. 😉

    Thanks, Andrea. Levity was definitely in order!

  4. Life is so much better after 40 – I know who I am and actually take the credit and the blame…great post.

    Happy Birthday – I opened another bottle of wine just so we can toast (and I am going to hate myself tomorrow…)

  5. You are so right. Someone told me when I turned 40 that those were their favorite years. I’m thinking things just keep getting better. Mayhaps I lead a charmed existence. Cheers to you on the new bottle of wine.!

  6. Happy Birthday to you.

    Who is that guy any way?

  7. Hey cooper — are you surviving the RNC? It’s Burt Reynolds. He creeps me out.

  8. happy birthday! when i was younger, and less smart, i used to think i would hate turning 50. no man’s land, kind of: no one would say you’re old at 50, but no one would say you’re young, either. like the teenage years, on the other side. but i turn 50 in november (which i will do in marrakesh) and as it turns out, i am so excited about it. 50! that’s an amazing thing. i love it (and have been saying i’m 50 for so many months now, when my birthday actually rolls around i’m going to be confused.)

    so (a) we’re not all 20-30 out here, (b) your short version of lessons learned is perfect, and (c) happy happy birthday!

  9. happy birthday dearest.. as always you are wise beyond your years,,, and after all isn’t that the only place we really want to age?????


  10. Happy Birthday! I’m just a day late….

  11. loripea

    Happy birthday Kelly! Did you get my card?

  12. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! I love the picture of you in the french clay mask!

  13. Hi Lori, and thanks very much! I love your comparison to the teen years and couldn’t agree more. As far as getting ready by saying you’re 50 already goes, I did that when I was 46 and missed out on the entire year. But I got to be 47 twice. An interesting experience. Whattadork!

    paisley, yes, I know that’s what I want. I can’t imagine having a flabby brain, can you? Thanks for your wishes…;)

    Hi Lynn — the thought is what matters, not when it’s delivered. Thank you!

    Hey chefmom! Good to hear from you. The mask is fun. I have a green one too, but I think this one looks better with my eye color, don’t you? Bwhahahahahaha!

  14. Hey lormo — nope. Haven’t seen it. SNAIL MAIL.

  15. Happy belated (originally typed as bleated!) birthday.

    It’s nice to get a positive view about getting older. I’m one of those (soon-to-be) 39-year-olds with a small child who is just getting used to the fact that I can’t stop time.

  16. Melissa


  17. Ritzy

    Happy Happy Happy Happy Birthday Kelly!! Hugs to you from the great northeast – from me and my RitzyLittleBoys to you and yours. May you have a beautiful sunny Paradise Day – eat all the cake you wish, enjoy lovely things and remember to smell the flowers. Are the Boys cooking you dinner tonight? 🙂

  18. WHAT!! I had NO IDEA.


    Oh! Man! I wish I had know, I could have thrown a blog party for you!

  19. Hi Jennifer — and thanks! It’s more….calm. That’s a condensation that fits best, I think.

    Thanks Melissa!!!!! Big smiles!

    Yay Amy girl! Thanks. Can’t wait to see your new and lovely home. I just may have to come for a visit!

    Hey meleah. Sneaky, huh? I’m not a big party birthday person, so sorry! I should have gotten out the balloons for people who love birthdays. I need to practice my Martha skills a bit on this one, huh? muah!

  20. Happy Birthday! I would never have guessed 52, so the mud mask and great attitude are working for you!
    Hugs and Kisses.

  21. First of all…happy, happy birthday!

    Secondly…this was a wonderful post, full of great wisdom. The best birthday post I’ve ever read. One that I can learn from.

  22. Happy birthday to you! I love this one especially…”It’s important to pay attention to what’s going on in the world. It doesn’t always make sense, but ignoring it makes even less sense.”

    Great blog. Came here via Twisted Sister.

  23. […] a facial (not as big a deal as one might think and something I do about once every other week), and treat myself to some time with my alter ego in reflection of what I think is important in life.  Sounds like a good day to […]

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