School Underway and All Systems Go…so far.

With the first week of school under our belt, life should settle into a comfortable, but relentless pace.  Sounds dramatic, even if it isn’t wholly accurate.  Suffice it to say it should be relentless for the RTR and I, who are most comfortable in our house potato state.

We prefer to characterize ourselves as easily entertained.  Simply entertained?  Okay, how about low maintenance in the entertainment department.

The junior year in high school blew in for my youngest this past week, and with it the expectations of a cool 150 pages of U.S. History and exam each week, and a studio art class that will, by the end of the year, allow him to produce a portfolio that is quite the humdinger.  There’s a project due every Friday and with the supplies and studio fee, the MoH’s plastic is about $375 heavier.  Unbelievable.

The decision to take Statistics instead of Calculus seems to be working — sure there’s homework every night, too, but it’s the “easy” class and he gets that done first.  Physics fits in here somewhere, but I haven’t figured that out yet.  The English teacher seems to be nowhere in sight.  AGAIN.  I know that this recurring theme is some perverse punishment meant solely for me — dedicated English teacher and passionate writing teacher that I once was.

The English teacher is the only one of his teachers that didn’t send home a syllabus.  I’ve never figured out how that’s even ethical…  Okay, so, here’s my kid for a year.  Teach him, but I don’t need to know anything about any of your plans because I’m just supposed to trust that you’re a professional, because you know, all teachers are professionals and have the exact same practices, right?  And that when my kid begins to show signs of faltering, and he will, trust me, that we will have absolutely nothing to go on to pitch in and support him like we know you expect us to, or we’ll be forever known as slacker parents, which wouldn’t be true, but you’d think it anyways.

You can tell I’m pretty much over school right?

Between my own education, my career, my boys education…I dunno.  I think I gave at the office.  But I think I’m going to enjoy my job as Chief Buttress in the History and Art departments this year.

Ah, yep.



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4 responses to “School Underway and All Systems Go…so far.”

  1. yes, I can tell you are OVER school.

  2. loripea

    My kid fell off the “fast track” math program and was hoping to take statistics (because it’s just different than calculus), but our school only offers AP statistics, so now she is in a “dumbo” math class after taking trig/math analysis last year just so she can say she had four years of math in HS – let’s remember she took Algebra 1 in Jr. HS – but that doesn’t count if you want to get an advanced diploma.You have to take the 4 years in HS. WHAT?

  3. Ah, yes. We have to keep up with all the other nations and make sure our kids are all drowning in mathematics and science whether they’re interested or not. The whole thing is a scam. I know some kids here with perfect GPAs and outrageous SAT scores who were turned down by all the top schools applied to. It makes no sense. If a kid is interested in a career that involves mathematics, then fine. Otherwise, what’s the point. Bummer you moved to VA on that last one. You know here that a HS class is an HS class credit wise whether you take it in Jr Hi or not. Bwahahahaha. Like I said. It’s a stoopid scam. I’m thinking serious diplomatic skills and foreign language would come in a lot more handily than mathematics considering the position we’re in now days. But that’s only my opinion.

  4. Well said!!! Was it always like this? In my mind, communication was so much better when I went through school.
    Ofcourse, that was 100 years ago:)

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