Monday: Fair to Middlin’

IMG_4045.JPG I must be mellow today.  I’ll credit the heavy fog blowing across my patio right now, and the drops of water left on my plants and spider webs high in the trees.  It doesn’t look or feel like late summer, but this happens when the desert to the east of us is hot, pulling moisture off the ocean.  I love it, and if I hadn’t already been out this morning before sunrise, I’d go out again, just to walk in it and enjoy the dampening effect fog has on the hustle bustle of the morning commute. IMG_4040.JPG

I find myself again thinking, as I often do, I should go down to the beach knowing that it’s most foggy there, but won’t.  I’ll stay here, mentally building a list of all the things I could do — things like read a book, or watch an old movie on television.

Or write.

No, I’ll busy myself with things I should do, like sorting through old magazines, filing personal papers, and making a feeble attempt to remove even more carpet damage caused by our cat.

I’ll also get up and turn off the noise on the television the MoH left on this morning, talking heads frantically discussing the demise or buyout of huge corporations.  The effect of that should be something new and interesting to concern ourselves with since there seems to be absolutely nothing else going on right now.  Well, unless one considers that eBay is now selling coffee mugs and tee shirts with Lehman Bros. & Merrill-Lynch logos on them, first come, first serve.  I think I’ll pass regardless of how “storied” these “venerable” Wall Street firms have been, and beg to differ about whether I consider it sad they no longer exist.

At least we can all cheer that oil is at least under $100 a barrel, now, though, right?  Feh.

Clearly, looking out the window on an unexpectedly foggy day is far more interesting.

Besides, it will burn off very soon, and I’ll be reminded yet again that we’ve got a ways to go here before getting out a sweater, or cozying up on the couch will be something to look forward to.

In fact, it’s beginning to burn off already.



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3 responses to “Monday: Fair to Middlin’”

  1. The fog was great today – it fit my mood. Then the sun came out. I think I need to spend more time paying attention to the weather and less on the news. BTW – love the new look – meant to tell you before…

  2. I am actually looking FORWARD to the cooler weather and cozying up on the sofa with an old movie.

  3. if you ever get lonely for fog,, come on up,, we always have plenty… the first year i was here i was on the verge of literal suicide,, as i could not abide by the lack of sunshine and the pissy skies nor cal seems to think is rain…

    however as life has settled in,, i have learned to appreciate the gray and the fog as what i believe it is,, the best excuse in the whole world to never leave the house!!!!!!!

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