Time for a Remodel

I’m truly in a quandry.  As I look back over the past year, so much has changed that no one would notice but me.  I’m speaking of my blog world, and not the real world, which is so chaotic right now.  I’d like to say that I believe I can impact change on the latter, but for as much as I harp, I’m not close to being a blip on the radar of change. With respect to cyberspace, that’s different.

There’s been a shift of my interests there,  and when I think carefully about that shift, it seems that it’s been coerced by the group that loves to look at, think about, and cook great food.  It’s compelling, and I imagine at times that I have some small shop with a large window in front that people can walk by each day, gazing at what I’ve put out for them, to tempt them to stop and look a bit longer, or perhaps even walk inside and stay for a while.  The key word would be imagine.

I once imagined or even longed for a shop of my own one day, but I’ve decided that having an imaginary shop is much less expensive, and perhaps just as rewarding considering I do get to decide what to prepare, and enjoy it myself.

But as I’ve said before, it’s quite time consuming keeping that shop, and so this place is pushed aside.  And when I have time for neither, this is the space I want to fill.  Often the other is more of a compulsion, a responsibility, a job.

Writing here has never felt that way.

I’m not quite sure how that happened, but I find it all very interesting — interesting enough to wonder about something.  What if the two were combined?  Others have done it.  And as I read through the many food blogs I enjoy, I notice that because their writers only keep one blog, they are more inclined to write about other facets of life and living.  It’s nice. 

But I was thinking of something different.  Certainly it’s been done before, and a perfect example of someone who does it very well is Pioneer Woman.  I’ve always thought that having a single place that contains a space for everything that keeps my brain occupied would be perfect, but have always been limited by my knowledge of how all of this website business works.  Finding time to write, cook, photograph, and learn how to set up and manage an involved website would be quite daunting for me, but I think I could do it. The only aspect of it all that’s holding me back is being unsure about whether the two can actually coexist.

In the long run, I think it would help me be a bit more humane to my readers here.  It must seem at times as if I’m schizophrenic, ranting about politics, moaning over my pets, or snarking about whatever unfortunate person is being lambasted in the press.  Somehow, I think that if each of those personalities could fit into its own box, it would be so much more neat and orderly.

Labeled.  You know how I crave labels…

So think about that.  You know, give it a good three or four seconds of your valuable time and let me know what you think.

In the mean time, I have to get my real world shaped up.  I may not be building a lodge like Pioneer Woman, but this place certainly needs some attention.  I’ve long complained about the damage our pets have done to the carpet, and have finally decided to have someone come out to give an estimate on floors.  I want to get rid of all the carpet so I can enjoy my aging pets who will continue to leak, drip, and drop their various and assorted bodily unmentionables regardless of how much I dab and complain about it.  No more carpet would mean no more dust, fuss, or muss.

The challenging part of this is that our bathrooms need to be done as well.  Needing to be done can be defined as taking out all the early ’80’s fake burnished gold metal that seems to be covering everything, ripping out the shower since it’s feeble at best, and the tile since it’s really good at growing mold that I don’t want to know the scientific name for or what it’s doing to us.

So if we have the floors done first, then have the bathrooms done, the work on the bathrooms will mess up the floors.  If we wait to do the bathrooms first, then the carpet continues to be the disgusting eyesore it’s become. 

In a nut shell, I don’t want to have another blog about being any kind of a weekend warrior when it comes to remodeling or redecorating on a budget.  But it’s one of the things my brain spends time on, so it could have its very own space for you, kind reader, to skip if you’re not into the Martha side of life.

Just thinking, that’s all.

Good thing it’s free, right?

Okay, back to work.

It would be so nice if it was all free!


6 responses to “Time for a Remodel”

  1. i keep waiting to find out pioneer woman is really a chinese corporation… hers is a story unlike any i have ever been privy too…

    and i for one love you and your little shop just the way you are….

  2. Hehe
    Should I be worried that I had no problems following all of that? 🙂
    Oh, do the bathrooms first, then you won’t need to argue about whether the floors need to be done or not, it’ll be obvious.

  3. I love that your posts on this blog cover such an array of topics. I dig that you can go from politics to pets seemlessly. And thats not just because I am the president of your fan club and stalker #1 of this blog.

    you could write about ‘taking a dump’ and I would hang on to every word, because you my dear have that gift. The gift of my favorite motto…


    And woman, the way you tell a story about ANYTHING always holds my attention. And….its fun over here because with your variety, I never know what I am going to find over here. And THAT is awesomely fresh.

    So. Yeah. You Rule.

    And whatever you decide to do with this blog, or that blog, your stuck with me following you around the internet.

    and did I use the word ‘AND’ enough? *sorry*

  4. I have always enjoyed the various facets of your life that you share with us, whatever they may be.

    I am admittedly not as interested in the recipes but that doesn’t stop me from glancing (and occasionally drooling) at the wonderful food you share at your other place.

    So it doesn’t matter to me where you post, or how you label, just keep writing.


  5. paisley…I never thought about that…Hmmmm…but now that you mention it…;) But seriously, thanks, paisley. I appreciate your flexibility 😉

    Jenny, I am completely not surprised. Great minds think alike, right? That is the plan…

    meleah — I need to make you a button. It’s been a while since I’ve had that kind of fun with photoshop. Remember the lips? Thanks, always for your visits!

    Thanks Scott, very much! No biggie on the food writing. It took me a while to actually like it and it’s my writing!

  6. I know a few people have have tried to have different categorized blogs all under the same roof and the spectrum of happiness is rather large. Some successful, some not.

    I’ve been thinking about that too – creating one big website rather then blog, review blog, design site… it’s a big undertaking though…

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