Martha for a Few Hours, Almost

The visit from the “floor” man was interesting yesterday.  I found out he is a general contractor, and the floor sample and measurement plan quickly became secondary to the larger discussion around what to do about bathrooms, and closets, and fireplaces, and windows, and stair railings….

The list seems endless.

We’ve gone through a couple of remodels before, and the visit with this man was different from the start.  He wasn’t trying to sell me anything.  I didn’t feel like he was the one with the agenda.  He was thoughtful, and listened (which is quite challenging around me when I’ve been mulling over something for as long as I have this and finally get to talk about it with someone who gets it).

A quote — actually several — is due today by email and I’ve been told I can think about all of it, or parts.  Again, absolutely no pressure.  Refreshingly, he isn’t the one saying that, I’m just realizing it.

Giddy with possibilities, which as far as I’m concerned, is the secret to happiness…I went through the house and took photos of everything.  You know.  Just in case.

In case we like the quote and work begins.  It’s always fun to have before and after photos.

But I can also say that it was to document that the house was completely spotless and organized.

Well, except for the closet.

Clearly, I can only pretend to act like I’d maybe kind of wannabe Martha.



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7 responses to “Martha for a Few Hours, Almost”

  1. Hey Kel – Isn’t planning & imaging exciting! You have talked about this remodel for a while… I hope it all works out! Come on & check out my bloggo… lots of traffic today with the pictures. 🙂

  2. Earlene

    OMG The house looks beautiful. I am glad to hear it was a good meeting.I can;t wait to see what happens. And when. Or If, or….

  3. I wish I had your room – I am soooo jealous. Maybe my house would look that big if we got rid of stuff. No, it would still be small. Can’t wait to see the remod!

  4. I bet if you looked in Martha’s closets you’d find the same, especially on her maid’s day off.

    Besides it works. You now have a house you can cook in…so you should probably start your podcast cooking/baking shows soon, while the house still looks the part.

  5. loripea

    Your house is so bright and sunny compared to mine. I never seem to live in a house like that. Was Sundale like that? Maybe, but I was always in the back of the house where it was dark. Hummmm. I love the picture in the previous post with the RT on the floor with the yackstar. Do you need some $$$ for the remodel? My bank just got infused with a bunch of cash!!!! Fall is here. It’s pretty crisp outside, the cat didn’t jump out immediately when the door was opened for her. She pulled back and said, “What the heck?” I need to buy her a new sweater (last year she went out with one and came home naked).

  6. Um, wow. I love the inside of your house. What exactly are you changing??

  7. PS: Have you looked into ‘California Closets?’ They have some really awesome and affordable closet designs.

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