10 things from my brain today

Random thoughts and observations after returning from my morning walk today (which is saying quite a bit considering I wasn’t thrilled with the idea to begin with…):

1.  Holding my coffee cup under the drip as the coffee is brewing makes for an excellent rich roasty first cuppa in the morning.  The second?  It has to be what swill tastes like.

2.  The kids in carpool this morning were mumbling about their plans for after school as usual, but “not being able to meet tonight because I’m going over to so-and-so’s house to watch the debate” surprised me.  From an 8th grader?  How cool is that?

3.  The Clean Eating magazine I picked up at Whole Foods the last time I was there and filled my basket for much more than the $40 my son tells me is possible to spend, is something I shouldn’t be feeling snarky about.  I’m sure that their tag line of “Improving your life one meal at a time” doesn’t include butter or whole anything and that the recipe on the cover for Cheesecake Pears has far fewer calories than the Key Lime Cheesecake I just made.  *sigh*

4.  The swill-tasting second cup is growing on me, because let’s face it.  It’s coffee, right?

5.  Lots of people were out walking and jogging this morning and as I approached each person walking in the opposite direction, I looked up, got ready to make eye contact, and say, “Good Morning,” with a smile on my face.  Now you could argue that I’m full of shit or just plain phoney, but I’ve learned that I’m the one that gets the perks from it.  It makes me feel good.

6.  Mostly women don’t return the eye contact or the greeting.  And I don’t think it’s because I look like some perky idiot.  I’m fairly reserved and pleasant about the whole thing.  The men respond.  They smile pleasantly whether they’re jogging, or on a bike, hell, even the guys setting up for their day’s work responded pleasantly.  What is up with women anyway?  How hard is it to be friendly?  Pretend, okay?

7.  Is it just me, or does “LOW-FAT HOLIDAY MENUS” sound like an oxymoron?

8.  I’m reading a piece by Frank McCourt in William Zinsser’s Inventing the Truth and he writes:

“You were made conscious all the time, for instance, of how you had to prepare to go to confession.  You had to examine your conscience.  This was a form of introspection that was imposed on us.  But it was valuable.  It forced us to think, “Were we good?” or “Were we bad?” and to think about our various transgressions.  Before you went to the confession booth you would go over the seven deadly sins to see if there was one you ought to mention.  The one that always confused me was pride.  How could pride be a sin?  In America you hear, “Walk tall, be proud of your heritage.”  But we were taught that pride is what got Lucifer kicked out of heaven because he thought he was equal to God, if not greater.  You were supposed to think little of yourself.  Get rid of that evil.”

Actually, demonstrated pride was totally smacked down in my family.  [Yes, it was.] Thinking about it now, it relates to the idea that perhaps we weren’t as good as others, so shouldn’t act as if we were.  We didn’t deserve anything and weren’t worth anything, so shouldn’t act as if we deserved more than what we had.  It sounds pretty awful writing it, and even more awful reading it back to myself now.  But yes, that just about sums it up.

9.  I’d love a small, old house close to the beach.  *waiting for thunderbolt* Maybe that cute one I saw this morning with the shiny garage floor I’d totally trade in for the grungy carpeted floor in my house and the chic framed vintage travel poster hanging on the wall.  Or maybe the house with the walled patio topped with bright fuschia bougainvillas.  On second thought, maybe the one with the weathered flagstones leading up to the bright red front door and the large paned windows…Clearly, I’m over the not feeling like I deserve things.  I was never that good at it anyway.  Ever.

10.    Must go iron hair.  Have to meet with contractor today about remodel that will most likely not happen now since no one is lending money to anybody, regardless of status as bonafide tax-paying stalwart American middle class “we can shoulder everything, so just stick it to us baby” diehards.

Can’t quite figure out whom I should thank first:

  • all the realtors who talked people who couldn’t afford a house on a particular salary into that house and made off like bandits with their commissions;
  • purple kool-aid drinking I don’t feel sorry for you people who actually believed the crap they were fed; or
  • the mortgage company that approved the loans and then passed them off as soon as they could.

Wait.  Perhaps Richard Fuld, the now defunct Lehman Brothers’ former CEO can front us.  Surely someone who made that much money while his company took a swirl down the drain has a dime to spare. Okay, so maybe a million dollar painting he doesn’t need anymore?  Just a drop in the bucket, doncha think?



8 responses to “10 things from my brain today”

  1. coffee, swill, as long as its caffeine who cares!!

    And um 8th graders? Really? Watching the debates? They have more gusto than I ever will. I’m so ‘over’ this. I already know who I want to vote for and the rest just gets ugly. And, its enough already…


    Love your Ten Random Thoughts.

  2. I too love the thoughts and really agree with 1)women are horrible meeting eyes – and I do it all the time – what is up with that? 2)I grew up in your family! Makes me sick to think about it….

  3. Thanks meleah. Yes, 8th graders are formidable. At least we’ll be well cared for in our crotchety years. They’re pretty smart.

    Hey Beth. Reform. Seriously. It’s cheap and surprisingly rewarding. Who knew.

  4. Coffee, kids watching the debate, meeting with contractors, oh what a day! And let’s blame everybody, we only want our money back :-p

  5. I was here earlier, and this inspired me to go on a quest for my first piggy bank, which was actually a pig but a bear. I had it forever, it was given to me by my non bio uncle in Australia. It’s not with me, but I was sure it was stored somewhere. Alas, hours and several calls later it has been recovered. I am assured it is safely packed away to be given to my future children.

    I am much relieved.

  6. Earlene

    I am so glad you have recovered from your childhood. Some of us never do. Be brave. Write that book!

  7. Great post! and as always, I’m in total agreement on everything:)…try making eye contact with a Jersey woman while walking, not only is there no comment, you’d probably get a glare and a snort! What is so bad about saying hello!
    The credit crisis, everyone wants what they know they can’t afford…multi million dollar mansions, Hummers and exotic vacations – “What you mean we’re in debt?” – Isn’t Glutony in there somewhere?
    All that being said – I’m lovin’ this first cup of coffee!
    Thanks for the wonderful reading that went along with it:)

  8. I would say hello to you if we passed each other in the street. I wouldn’t be jogging though, just ambling…

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