I should make a list.

It’s official.  I’ve finally gotten to the point in my life sans former profession where I feel like I need an additional six hours a day added to my clock.  I’m happy to say that in contrast to my former need for six hours extra *delete rant that was to have been inserted here…*, I’m happily feeling that I not only need to get all that I have to get done…done…I want to.

It does not mean, nor will it ever, that I am perky, however.

It does mean that I just may have to blow the dust off my calendar, or more realistically, use my cyber calendar more effectively.  The way I feel right now, I could become a compulsive list maker with the very first order of the day being, make a list, which has never made much sense to me.

My very non-perky giddiness is being fueled by so many different aspects of life right now — and it’s an interesting one to me, if no one else.

With the election just around the corner, I’m successfully undistracted by everything the media has to say about Palin, or Ayers, or the Dewey effect, or just about anything that’s coming out of their mouths right now.  They’re on overdrive and have me wondering what in Hell they’ll talk about after it’s all over.  I feel like I need to organize a party for election night.  When Obama crosses that goal line, we should be able to jump out of our seats and scream just like we do when any of our sports teams win.  Yes, I said when — not if.

I.  Can’t.  Wait.

In other news, my mother has a boyfriend.  She’s 70, you know.  But there’s something wrong with calling a man who’s well into his sixties a boy, and man friend sounds strange.  Man cake?  She says they giggle about silly things, email back and forth, and go to the kareoke sessions at their complex together.  Sounds like camp doesn’t it?  She also just garnered one of the coveted garden spots, inheriting some established rose bushes and will no doubt have it transformed into a veritable botanical nirvana before spring.  What does this translate to?  The guilt I’ve been carrying around not spending more time with her has eased up a bit, and I’m right in line to have her tell me she’s too busy the next time I ask her if she wants to go shopping or something — which happens once every blue moon or so.

You go Mom.  What does he call you?  Blue Eyes?  Oh, my.

And then, of course, there’s the remodel the economy tried to squash, but couldn’t.  In fact we started the process yesterday and now I’m feeling like I need to pinch myself over it all and then snap out of it.  There’s so much to do.  Do you have any idea just how many bathroom vanities, pedistal sinks, vessel sinks, over mount, under mount, wall mount, porcelain, stone, hammered copper, wooden, antique, modern possibilities there are?  It’s sort of Heaven and Hell all at once.

Like hot flashes.  Raging heat, then freezing cold.  Okay, so maybe not. *looks at watch wondering just how long menopause actually lasts when one has no equipment left*

Then there’s my food blog which has begun to feel like a business.  That’s a good thing, but I’m a bit slow on the uptake and need to sit down and think about it all while I’m not in front of my Mac which is beyond distracting.  I know I’m the only person on the planet who feels that way, of course.  Or better said, the only person who has no resolve, no will power, no stick-to-itiveness.  Actually, I’m great at all those things as long as they’re connected to my Mac.  I finally decided to take on my own domain with my food blog and having my memory refreshed about the process is less than thrilling.  But I’m relentlessly persistent and will figure it out…

…after I’ve sucked it up and decided I can no longer put off creating a weekly baking schedule and menu plan.  Gina is a pro at this and posts it like clockwork. Impressive.

But what about world peace you say?  Well, there has never been a time that I haven’t realized my freedom to have the quality of life I enjoy isn’t something to be taken for granted.  I know this.  I know there are people who haven’t had the opportunites I’ve had, or the health and food we enjoy.  I know there are people who have to deal with war every single day.  No, I can’t imagine.  The peace I enjoy is not something they understand…What did Cat Stevens sing about all those years ago?  Something about a Peace Train…

**start copy**

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**End Copy**

I’m officially tagging (and I NEVER do this…) Scott, Gina, Jerry, Ben, Meleah, Ritzy, Francis, paisley, ladybanana, Phil, Mike who are all lovely people and will probably think, OMG, what is she doing?  By all means, consider yourself tagged if you’re in the mood.  Maybe even try to write a better post that I have about world peace…


9 responses to “I should make a list.”

  1. I think that your mom dating at 70 years old is *awesome* and the term “Man Cake” rocks.

  2. Ill try to write a post about World Peace. Lord knows I need material to cover up that last blog post.

  3. Hey meleah — I know, huh? And don’t you dare bury that post. You’re kidding right? Hell, I’m so annoyed about the entire “we want short funny posts” crap I can’t see straight. What. Ever. As far as the tag goes, I can’t even tell you the last time I did that. But if anyone needed peace right now, it would be you. I’d work on that, then take on the world.

  4. I personally promise you I will keep that post UP for all to see. Hey, that’s what real life is for me. And I shouldn’t be ashamed of it. Right?

    I will think of writing a world peace post…just as soon as I remember to breathe again!


  5. World Peace… I will try to make you proud.


  6. as are most of my ideas,, my take on world peace is a bit off center too,,, and it is for that reason i just may take you up on your offer… i am having lunch with ben today,, and he is shall i say quite different as well,, so maybe i will make it a post about he and i and how we view the prospects for world peace….

    whoa,, that idea even scares me……

  7. Yer tired of hearing and reading about secessionist Sarah Palin? oh no… no, no… that will never do.

    It’s worse than what the mainstream media tells ya. Some of it is hillarious, tho. But if you change your mind and decide you want a Palin fix, or to stare at a bad accident, http://mudflats.wordpress.com is the best place to go for the latest. Unfortunately, when it comes to Palin, there’s not much there but dirt.

    Gonna give the whirled peas a serious thought, too. But color me pessimistic.


  8. Earlene

    Hey! I would comment, but I am too busy. It is fun. And it is amazing to feel this at my age. Thanks, Mom Oh, I do feel peaceful.

  9. “I should make a list.”



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