Is it Christmas yet?

As I think of the weeks that lie ahead, many things cross my mind.  Yes, Christmas is upon us again, but it hasn’t quite descended upon our home life yet. I know it will in a week or so, and have spent much of today feeling the beginnings of worry I’ve grown accustomed to over the years related to “getting ready.”  But I’m thinking I need to get rid of the worries, and know that everything always works out.

I head outside for my nightly visit with the sky and am surprised by the wind.  The palm fronds are tapping insistently against one another, and I inhale, expecting the slightest scent of the ocean, but instead, it’s someone’s late night dryer load filling the air, making me think of the laundry I didn’t do today.  The sky is a ceiling of clouds tonight, so there will be no gazing or counting of lucky stars.  The air is lovely, and not what you might expect on an early December night — even here.

That means the windows will be open again tonight, and at some point, one of us will get up to silence the clacking the blinds make against the window sill.

It probably won’t be me.




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5 responses to “Is it Christmas yet?”

  1. We have that problem here as well – the breeze making the blinds flap and make noise. Only it is me who gets up to silence them as they bother me, not anyone else.
    And not during December when there is snow on the ground, covering up the ice. Beautiful skies though.

  2. I actually like doing the laundry, but I hate holiday decorating….

  3. And why should it be you?!?!? I found you on Oh, The Joys. I guest posted there and you said some very nice things to me. I have my own site now – stop by some time. And Girl, I got enough Christmas spirit to share – no worries!

  4. Earlene

    Remember that tiney tree I bought at the sale in the ole folks home. The one that was already deorated? Well, I pulled it outta the closet and plugged it in and I am ready for Santa.

    Your sister always drug me out and made me shop for the kids. Where is she when I need her?

  5. Earlene

    I just read my comment. As an english teacher you must’ve cringed when you read it. But I know you understood. Drug? deorated? tiney?

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