Home for the Holidays

It’s been quite a lot of work, and has taken all the patience I’ve ever had — okay, so maybe not counting pregnancy — but the work on our house is done.

Happy Holidays

For the past week, I’ve been fixing and cleaning and enjoying the new look just long enough to put off that not only did I need to sort through the mountain of stuff in the garage, but also pull out all the holiday trappings.

My sister and her family are coming to spend the holidays with us this year, so I’ve also had to venture into my son’s area and sort of detox.  Good thing there’s new carpet and paint, right?

So welcome to our home and Happy Holidays!

Ahhh…no more barf stains from the cat. Nice.

And then there’s that area that the pets used to love to deposit their *ahem* on. It was beyond gross. But no more. Bwahahahahha!
And then there’s the powder room down there.   Just a tad different…

So nice not to have the carpet. Love the wood. Love it.  And there’s still a rug for the ani-mules to lay on when the sun shines through the skylight.

Not missing the ugly fireplace at all. Can’t imagine why.

And I’m loving the new dark, dark red wall in the family room and my kitchen — and a freshly painted ceiling with no remnants of where I started to paint three years ago and then pooped out.

Not quite a perfect reason for not writing here, but nearly. I can blame the rest of my time on that food blog. I definitely have to get my priorities in order for the new year so that I can get back to writing about something other than food. For those of you who stop by and still read, I appreciate it quite a bit.

Thanks for not giving up on me — yet.

Here’s to you and yours. Have a lovely holiday.



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11 responses to “Home for the Holidays”

  1. Wow Kelly! It turned out beautifully and almost worth the hassle?! Love the floors and the wall colors!

  2. Kelley,

    I absolutely love the transformation to your adobe. How excellent. Having redone many surfaces myself this year, I know the feeling of waking-up to a “new” house and wondering if it’s all a dream. How delightful.

    Merry Christmas!

  3. Wow everything looks amazing!

  4. Hi Judy! Thanks for visiting here — and yes, almost worth the hassle. Now we’ll see how long we put off doing the other two bathrooms and the closets. Being outta $$$ helps…

    YaY Phil! How’ve you been? I remember you said something about working on your casa. Merry Christmas to you, too! Thanks very much for stopping by my dusty bloggo. 😉

    Hey Jenny — thanks. Even though I’ve been dusting and cleaning for days now, I still am able to find more. I swear it’s in the cracks now!

  5. well i was gonna say merry christmas,, and may all your dreams come true…. but damn!!!! looks like they already have!!!!!!!

  6. KELLY! OMFG! Hello! Your House is BEAUTIFUL. Oh man, you must be in heaven! I am sofa king happy for you. I even love your front door!!

    PS:Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Happy Holidays and “All That Jazz” to you and your family!!!

  7. Hope your holiday was peaceful, paisley! Warm hugs to you. I’ve got a date to hunker down and read up on what’s been on your mind for the last few weeks…

    Hey meleah — thanks! It’s definitely not as stressful as it was with all the un-feebreezableness of it. Hahahaha! Hope your holidays are going well and that you’re making lots of memories!

  8. Beautiful Kelly… truly stunning 🙂 I love the red wall and the new fireplace especially!

    Happy Holidays, lovely lady 🙂

  9. Hi Jo, and thanks! Happy New Year to you!

  10. Earlene

    Beautiful! Great job on the whole house. I love the floors.

  11. Fantastic improvements! It is seldom I see someone improve a home where I don’t say, “I could have done it better by doing it (xyz) way.” You did a wonderfuljob. Great choice with colors, shapes, and accessories/amenities. Happy New Year and Happy New Home.

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