Wednesdays and Looking Forward

It’s Wednesday and I’m nearly wordless.  Nearly wordless for someone like me is about as quiet as I get.  I’m tired.  It’s odd that with acceptance, energy is devoted nearly 100 % to doing what one has to do.  Evenings are when I look forward to sinking into my couch and watching inane shows on the television with people I love.

At some point, whatever book that lies open on the floor next to my bed begins to call my name and often reluctantly, I give in to the fact that my day is over.  As much as I look forward to bedtime after a busy day, I know that sleep just brings the next day more quickly, and so I give in to that as well.

I don’t like looking forward to the weekends.  Time passes too quickly when that happens, and so I’ve begun to pay attention to what I appreciate about each of my days in a much different way than what I have in the past few years.  It takes some practice considering that the effort admiring a drop of condensation on the leaf of a honeysuckle vine is much different than appreciating that the red message light on my phone isn’t lit when I arrive at 7 am.

But I have much to look forward to, and I don’t plan on missing any of it.

Happy Wednesday — even if it’s not quite wordless.

What are you looking forward to?


One response to “Wednesdays and Looking Forward”

  1. “I’ve begun to pay attention to what I appreciate about each of my days ”

    that is awesome you can do that. I usually miss those things!

    What am I looking forward to? moving BACK OUT of my parents house one day!

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