I’ve Noticed.


Although I’ve not spent much time seeking it out, the consensus on the conclusion of 2011 seems to be more of a collective good riddance than a sigh of regret from others I’ve noticed.  I don’t know that I ever feel that way about a year coming to a close — even those years less stellar than the rest — choosing instead to think about what I enjoyed about it.  Or what I learned and want to remember, so ruminate over it all while I’m taking the last look at the lighted Christmas tree, or sweeping up the bits and pieces of torn wrapping paper and ribbon that escaped the first clean-up.

Noticing what has been significant in a year is important, but not because a determination of  its positive or negative impact is forthcoming.  It just is what it is, and like anything else that happens in a year’s time, it takes its place on the calendar.  Sometimes it fills days or weeks, and others, a mere instant.  But they all seem to vie for my attention — especially when I’m not occupied with something that has to be taken care of.  I ruminate over them, working for some resolution.

What did I notice about 2011?

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