Fridays and What Ifs

I missed yesterday’s writing, but it should count that I spent a good amount of time discussing writing with a friend — someone who is also working on his first novel.  And the entire experience left me remembering how much I used to profess that thinking is the most important aspect of writing.  Of course, that doesn’t make much sense if I never actually sit down to write after that thought, so here I am.  Processing.  And I’ll do that through this weekend considering my novel, moving things around, adjusting bits of my character’s life — bits of ideas that only come with letting writing sit for a while.  Letting it sit for as long as I have is probably not a good thing, but that will change in a few days.

Why not get back to it today?

I’m on the melancholy side of things today, and it’s Friday.  Isn’t Friday another one of those ideas that is ingrained in us?  It represents an early start to the weekend, probably making up for what Sunday afternoon feels like.  But I have no reason to be caught up in it.  Every day can be Friday if I’d like.   So I’ll snap out of it, get organized, and move along.

I’ll be productive, work hard, and try to do a better job of building in some time to do things I normally wouldn’t do.  Things out of the house I have so much difficulty prying myself out of unless we actually have something planned or a destination in mind.  I’m not exactly a live life on the edge type of person, so I’m thinking what I might do doesn’t involve skydiving or hang gliding.  But I haven’t been in the ocean this year unless the up to my shins measure if valid.

I’ll have to brave a swim suit and that’s never something I look forward to.  I’ll see.

I’ve never had a pedicure because the whole idea of it makes me grossly uncomfortable, but maybe.  Just maybe.

Honestly, the most decadent thing I can think of doing right now is take a nap.  Or sit on the beach by myself and dig my toes in the sand.  Read a trashy novel that isn’t written like most are — badly.

But the kitchen awaits.  Laundry awaits.  I should clean bathrooms.  I should finish a post at that blog that shall not be named in this place.

It’s gorgeous outside today.

Perfect, actually.

What if I just got in the car and drove?  Have you ever wanted to do that without a thought to where you might go?

I do all the time.

I have for years.

Happy Friday.






4 responses to “Fridays and What Ifs”

  1. Hah! Someone else who doesn’t love the idea of pedicures! We’re a rare few.
    I’m so interested that you’re writing a novel! And, I have to say that yes, the thinking is a deeply important part – but the writing? and the finishing – is kind of also a big deal.

    I’m to where I need to finish. I have until September 10th…

    Happy weekend.

    1. We should start the Say No to Pedicure Sisterhood, shouldn’t we? 😀 Yes, I started my novel during NaNoWriMo mast November on an invitation and it was the best thing. I started one about 15 years ago and life took over, so the urge has never left me. As for you and your writing, Sept. 10 is just there, in the short distance. Done as in completely done? Whew. I cannot wait to be able to say that myself just because it will be a personal milestone.

  2. Earlene Olsen

    I have never had a pedicure! And I have never started to write a book. I did jourrnal for 25 years! Mostly to get things off my chest and record which flower bloomed. Good for you that you are writing again! JUST DO IT !!

  3. “Every day can be Friday if I’d like.   So I’ll snap out of it, get organized, and move along.”

    Same here.

    I am REALLY happy to hear your working on your novel again, Kellypea. That’s wonderful news.

    “I’ve never had a pedicure because the whole idea of it makes me grossly uncomfortable, but maybe.  Just maybe.”

    What? You’ve never had a pedicure? Oh, you must! It’s heavenly.

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