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  • In my past life…

    In my past life…

      When I look at various places in England, I can’t help but think that’s where I’m supposed to be.  It’s a strange feeling.  I drop the man on Google maps street view and have a look around knowing that it’s a place I want to be, no matter where it is.  I’ve been there […]

  • In Vogue with Armpit Flaps

    In Vogue with Armpit Flaps

    Once in a while, if I’m waiting in the line at the grocery store long enough, like others, I scan the covers of magazines.  I glance past Gourmet, Bon Appetit, and Food & Wine, because I have those and others at home in some state of being dissected, stickered and splattered with my latest gastronomical […]

  • Babysitting 101? Not.

    Your husband asks you if it’s okay that a nephew comes to stay for a few hours one night while his family is out on the town.  You say, “of course,” because how difficult is it to watch a 5-year-old?  After all, you’ve raised three boys of your own, and taught countless children.  Right? You: […]

  • I don’t think my neighbor wants cake

    I pour cold creamer into my second cup of coffee and set it in the microwave to heat, pushing in my usual 45 seconds. The beeps seem loud in the early morning quiet and I wonder if my neighbor can hear them through the windows that will stay open well into the fall. I’m a […]