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  • Is Monday over yet?

    I’m at a loss for words today. What that really means is I don’t feel like making the effort to write. Tired, I guess. I spent the weekend — yes, the entire weekend — engaged in my once monthly baking challenge completely flummoxed. I know. Savor the moment. Wallow in it. Mark it on your […]

  • Friday, Rain in Paradise, and Awards…What could be more perfect?

    I’m sitting here just like I so often used to each day, wondering where I should begin. No, not with my writing. That’s rarely an issue because I can just sit down and write most anything I feel like writing. Whether anyone wants to read it is a completely different issue, isn’t it? Sometimes, it’s […]

  • Douse ’em all!

    Douse ’em all!

      Ah, moisture in the atmosphere. Nothing like a thick blanket of fog to dampen things and cool a few tempers. A bucket of cold water would most likely work better for some. So here’s my list of recipients of the “Bucket of Cold Water in the Face” award for a flagrant display of ego […]