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  • Moving around a roadblock.

    Moving around a roadblock.

      I was going to write about all of the heavy thoughts I’ve been mulling over since the election this past Tuesday and about how at a time like this I would normally feel like jumping up and down, waving flags and celebrating with sheer joy at the outcome,  but I have not done that.  […]

  • So, how’s it going?

    So, how’s it going?

      Day 3 of NaNoWriMo is waning but my energy to keep writing hasn’t and that feeling has been present each day so far — sort of.    And I’m ahead of myself, so allow me an explanation:  I think this will be an important place to think about what I’m learning about myself and writing […]

  • Four Days and Counting…

    Four Days and Counting…

      …until NaNoWriMo begins and although I feel my planning is not only coming along nicely, it’s fun.  That’s always a good sign, isn’t it? I have a loose schedule figured out for myself: Rise early (okay, so earlier than waiting until the MoH backs out of the driveway) at 7:00 Coffee and yogurt while […]

  • Getting Organized for NaNoWriMo

    Getting Organized for NaNoWriMo

    In the last few days that I’ve been adjusting to participating in NaNoWriMo, I’ve been planning.  Thinking and planning.  Thinking, and reading, listening, remembering, and planning.  What I’ve not been doing is planning a plot for my novel. Wait. My. Novel.

  • The time is now…

    The time is now…

      The commuter traffic outside my office window has slowed somewhat, but it’s Friday,  so the expected busy, busy of anyone riding the weekend’s momentum has made for a much more noisy morning than I like.  Gardeners have started their mowers, weed whackers, blowers.  I can hear garbage trucks in the distance.