Category: San Diego

  • Soothing Sunsets and Sleepless Nights

    With only three days left before we head off to our vacation in Italy, I’m to the point where I wake at 3AM and realize I’ve been making lists in my dreams.  I haven’t done this for nearly two years;  it was a by product of my former profession. The lists aren’t the usual kind […]

  • Solsticeness

    I know the rest of the world seems to believe that Memorial Day is the kick off for summer, but somehow, the whole idea of that particular holiday kicking off anything has never quite sat right with me. Call me a party poopah, but there’s something way wrong about all those furniture sales, and car […]

  • The effect of Paradise and marine layers on golf.

    I think by now you know that I have a “maybe like – sorta meh” relationship with this palm-laden place I begrudgingly refer to as Paradise. I know that there are many cities I could live that pale in comparison are much more interesting, but my grousing is about more than the monotonous weather that […]

  • Sunday, Sunday…So good to me…

    It’s quiet now.  So quiet I can hear the refrigerator running — a strange way to measure quiet, but still.  Okay, so if my Mac was in the bedroom where it’s been recently, instead of on my kitchen counter, then I guess being able to hear the refrigerator would be huge. You know.  The distance […]

  • Indiana Jones & Film Critics

    My menfolk know I’m a sucker for Indiana Jones. I always have been. Sure, Harrison Ford has something to do with it, but I’ve always been easily swayed by anything related to Raiders of the Lost Ark and all that followed. I get a sappy grin on my face and know that no matter how […]

  • Friday in my world.

    Welcome to my Friday Follies. I figured it was a great way to cover what competes for attention in my brain. You know. In case anyone is actually interested. And since Friday is only so long, I can’t exactly include my entire list. Question of the Day/Week/Month/Lifetime: Would any of the unthinkably serious crap that […]