Tag: Attitude

  • Thank you, San Diego. Please leave your trash on the beach.

    The frenzied July 4th crowds began Tuesday evening. How could they not? The weekend had just ended, so it seemed that people were on simmer and waiting for an opportunity to really get going on their summer vacations. We could see them as we drove through the beach area on our way to the ball […]

  • BBQs & Choosing Happiness at The Home Depot

    I forgot to look at my horoscope yesterday morning, and therein lies the rub. You see, I never have been very good at running errands. I’m especially poor at it now that I rarely have to leave the house if I choose not to. The whole idea of putting on make-up, shading in my sad […]

  • gratitude = sum of the parts > the whole

    We used to live in a house 25 miles east of Paradise. Yes, still Paradise, but worlds away from here for all kinds of reasons. It was about as beautiful as the suburbs could be in a place that should still be a desert covered with scrubby bushes and hillsides speckled with strangely rounded boulders […]

  • Complexity + Change = Simplicity

    The following segment of Julius Caesar by Shakespeare used to be posted on a bulletin board above my desk a few years ago: There is a tide in the affairs of men, Which taken at the flood, leads on to fortune; Omitted, all the voyage of their life Is bound in shallows, and in miseries. […]

  • Blob-li-cate: How not to plug-in

    Horror-scope for Today: You have the presence of mind to put your attention precisely where it’s needed. Whether this means doing feng shui on your office or answering emails rapid-fire, at the end of the day you go home feeling organized. 1. I have no presence of mind. I’m trying to fix my blob problem. […]

  • Teenagers and Circus Hoops

    “Mom…MOM,” the RT rumbled yesterday morning, slinking around the corner to the kitchen in his new size 12 tennies. Do they even call them that anymore? And how can a 14-year-old have feet that big? His feel are suddenly the size of very large bricks. “Huh? I responded, fumbling with the coffee grinder and looking […]