Tag: Blathering

  • Walk, write. Just get off your ass.

    I should go outside today and walk. The cold isn’t quite as bracing as it’s been the last week or so for my west coast bones, and I’m tempted to stretch them in the warm, bright sunlight somewhat like a fat, old lazy cat. Tempted would be the key word there. But if I ventured […]

  • Dust, Old Things & Memories

    Somehow when we started all of this construction business, I figured it would be fun to post the ups and downs of going through the mess I know is involved.  Best laid plans.  What seemed like forever was really only about six weeks, so I should have been able to write about some of it, […]

  • What time is it?

    It’s not quite midnight here and it’s lovely outside.  When I open the back door, the air rushes in and I can smell the jasmine blooming on the fence between our neighbor’s house and ours.  It’s warm out and the sky is clear.  I can see constellations I don’t normally see. It’s beautiful. But I’m […]

  • Target Smiles

    Remember to click the post title if you’re wordy today… You know you’re in San Diego when your favorite Target has already stocked the big sale area where they display the fake Christmas trees with patio furniture, brightly colored canvas pillows, bug candles, and all things garden. Trowel, anyone? Perhaps the latest in cheap outdoor […]