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  • Nearly Wordless on Wednesday

    The sunset was interesting last night. The troops became even more restless. And according to the RT, gas alerts were also something to be concerned with. But not natural gas. Teenagers. Thirty-one words. Not bad for a nearly wordless Wednesday. Okay, so now 41. Um…

  • The problem with Apple wireless keyboards…

    I love the beauty and intelligent design of my Mac — the elegance of pearly white encased in thick, clear plastic; the low silver sheen of the monitor’s wide foot; the transparent case that surrounds the wireless keyboard. So uncomplicated. So simple. So sleek. Uh…so it would have been nice to know that my passion […]

  • Nearly wordless, but improving.

    Oh, look, everyone. It’s nearly wordless Wednesday. That would be the modified version for those of us who simply can’t keep our fingers still. But you will be impressed today with my accomplishment of fewer words… Meet “Iron Fang” who showed up on the kitchen counter after school yesterday.  Be afraid.  Be very afraid. I […]

  • Just another Friday

    His large feet shush across the carpet toward my bed in the dim rainy day light. I can hear his hesitancy as he approaches and know he must be wondering if I’m awake, or even alive. I’m tangled in and out of covers and sheets after another restless night. It must be time for him […]

  • A Day of Whimsey and Frolicking Cavortingness

    Today, my horror-scope read, “Something may be important without having to be serious. Today, the roles whimsy, mischief and laughter play can’t be under-estimated. Something wonderful comes out of all your clowning around.” Oh. My. Permission to be a bad girl. But laughter play? Is that a thing one does? What does it look like? […]

  • Salt Lamps and Earthquakes in Paradise

    My oldest son gave me a halite rock salt crystal lamp ionizer last year. I was pleasantly surprised because I had seen the lamps glowing eerily in shops I’d strolled through before, wondering what they were, and thought them beautiful. I knew absolutely nothing about them however, and was fascinated to find sources that report […]