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  • Almost Wordless, but Not Quite?

     See updates below… I have to work today. All day. Yes. A-L-L. As in all. There’s no blogging. Well, this doesn’t really count, right? Because I have a lot to do. Seriously. A. Lot. You know…tons. I have several iTunes playlists at my disposal… so that should help. *Okay, who in hell purchased Chumbawamba?* But […]

  • The anticipated day arrives…

    It’s the end of yet another long month. And while many could be looking forward to a pay check, my head is in another place all together. Although I’ve never been one to turn away from what I’m due after a job well done, my payment takes a different form now. As the end of […]

  • Dust Motes and Have To Tasks

    I’m remembering the days when I was finishing my degree. I used to settle in at the kitchen table, spread all my books and class notes around me and plan to spend an entire evening or Saturday getting ahead of things. It all sounded so grand and I imagined that all would be good at […]

  • Macro Views: Avoidance

    I have no energy today. No “get up and go.” It all got up and went. I’m not sure what has sucked it out of me, but I’m non-existent. Evaporated. When I’m like this, I struggle to find humor in anything. I’m flat. Everything feels heavy and in need of microanalysis. Things that shouldn’t matter, […]

  • Hair Truce at the O.K. Salon

    Hair Truce at the O.K. Salon

      I survived the salon. I was described as “glowing” by Marco and Jocelyn — before the big equipment rolled out. It must be those hot flashes I endure nightly. People are beginning to notice. I must be singed around the edges or something. Crispy crunchy. It most certainly can’t be my personality, which isn’t […]

  • If I want it…

    In the movie Field of Dreams, there is a line that goes something like this: If you build it, they will come. I know the character that mulls over these words is thinking about baseball, but I’m thinking those words apply to life in general. And I’ve been known to bend those words a bit […]