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  • Fridays & The Path to Wisdom

    OH-EM-GEE (as the RTR would say) OMG! It’s FRIDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yes! And I have so much to feel giddy about I fear it will bowl me over. Or something like that. The sun is up, the air is bracing (well, I think it is, but I’m not sure because I only cracked the door enough to […]

  • You, too, can own brown hair.

    You, too, can own brown hair.

    I’ve never been able to understand people’s fears about their hair. Truly. In some cases, it seems the individual believes she is her hair — that without it, she wouldn’t be the same person. That she wouldn’t look attractive, or worse, that others wouldn’t find her so. In particular, their husbands. It’s interesting. And to […]

  • Hair Truce at the O.K. Salon

    Hair Truce at the O.K. Salon

      I survived the salon. I was described as “glowing” by Marco and Jocelyn — before the big equipment rolled out. It must be those hot flashes I endure nightly. People are beginning to notice. I must be singed around the edges or something. Crispy crunchy. It most certainly can’t be my personality, which isn’t […]

  • Salon today, gone tomorrow.

    Salon today, gone tomorrow.

    Okay. Let’s hunker down and discuss the really important things in life. Like hair. Think about it. Why else would someone have come up with the concept of a “Bad Hair Day?” I’ve taken it to new levels. I guess it’s time to confess that I was given a lovely head of hair. Goodness knows, […]