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  • On Birthdays and Learning

    On Birthdays and Learning

      Yesterday was my 58th birthday. I have never been someone who could not wait until her birthday arrived, thinking its timing coinciding with Back to School made it convenient to ignore. The worry of wearing scratchy, too warm clothes the first day of school coupled with concerns about whether I’d like my teacher(s), and […]

  • On the importance of unwritten lists

    On the importance of unwritten lists

      Each day I promise myself I’ll sit down to write something — something that has nothing to do with food — and each day, I fail.  This dooms me to an endless procession of imagined writings that weave in and out of each day, sparked by the smallest things I may not realize have […]

  • I should make a list.

    It’s official.  I’ve finally gotten to the point in my life sans former profession where I feel like I need an additional six hours a day added to my clock.  I’m happy to say that in contrast to my former need for six hours extra *delete rant that was to have been inserted here…*, I’m […]