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  • Information you can live without.

    How are you doing out there in Bloggsville? Are you getting as slow a start to 2008 as I? No? Great. So how about sending me some of your energy since I have absolutely NONE. Jeez. I could actually take a nap and I never have done that sort of thing. I’ve never been able […]

  • Yawn…I think she’s alive. Maybe.

    So do you think it’s a problem that yesterday, I FINALLY wrote after so many days, and then when I logged in today to write again WOOT, I’d discovered the post I wrote yesterday…um…not there.  Or here.  I guess I’d inadvertently marked it “private.”  So sorry ’bout that.  Now, here it is.  And only a […]

  • My Soundtrack of What Matters. And Yours?

    Oh look everyone.  Another Saturday.  I continue to be amazed that the days on the calendar just whip by with such complete disregard for the fact that I’m on the back side of a half century and it’d be nice if things could slow down a bit.  Not permanently, of course.  But long enough to […]

  • Dry & Vacuous

    I finally gave in. I turned on the AC. The MoH and the RT are out and about, so I’m blissfully content and for the first time in days, sans sweat running down my spine, drenching my shorts and giving the appearance I’ve sprouted a leak. I’m in heaven. Truly. I had almost forgotten what […]

  • It’s…like…Totally Random — or is it?

    Is anything really random? Does the interconnectedness of life preclude that anything is accidental or coincidental? Can one person who has an obsessive tendency to make sure lights not in use are turned off really save the planet? Ray Bradbury, scifi writer extraordinaire, once suggested that it is possible. In “A Sound of Thunder,” a […]