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  • Bloggoversary Stats and Memory Lane

    Last night, I couldn’t sleep for some reason, so I found myself as I have so many times in the past sitting here, staring at my Mac. Midnight is most likely not a great time to open Firefox Firebug for the very first time (thanks very much Scott!) oohing and aahing over the newness of […]

  • Enough on the penis SPAM, already.

    I am no stranger to men’s anatomy. *oh, really? and we thought you ended up with three boys by immaculate reception after three hail marys…* I grew up with a brother, not quite two years younger than myself, and along with our younger sister, had to sit in three inches of tepid bath water each […]

  • I’m lovin’ my foodblog…

    Well, hello! Since all I seem to be getting these days is spam visitors, I hereby decree this the shortest post I’ve ever written and I’m going to drown my sorrows in foodblog land. Not too many worries there, which is nice for a change.  Not too complicated.  Just pleasant.  Lots of food porn (no, […]

  • B.L.O.B. News

    Why is it that cats go on these toots that last a week or two, then stop? Huh? No, she isn’t going to die. And no, I’m not having her claws removed. How’d you like someone to remove your fingernails? And I’m in mid rant, so either enjoy it, or go away. And YES. I love cats. Can’t you tell?

  • SPAM: Earning Money From Home & Man Units

    Can someone please tell me what in hell is going on with all the spam already? It’s completely out of control. Wasn’t the Spam King thrown in the slammer? Well, at least one was, but wait, isn’t this guy a spammer, too? And, uh, this one? Okay, so maybe all the spam spawn have hatched, […]