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  • Fooled

    Do you ever have days where you’re up early and feel as if you can do just about anything?  That was me today with the sun not more than a glow behind the mountains and everyone still fast asleep.  But that was three hours ago, and all I’ve accomplished is consume two cups of a […]

  • Dust, Old Things & Memories

    Somehow when we started all of this construction business, I figured it would be fun to post the ups and downs of going through the mess I know is involved.  Best laid plans.  What seemed like forever was really only about six weeks, so I should have been able to write about some of it, […]

  • Crickets. I hear crickets…

    I sit at my Mac on an enormous grey exercise ball scanning all of my open windows.  There’s twhirl in the upper corner — not nearly as noisy as it has been, but there, its colorful avatars proudly displaying each person’s thoughts, comments, responses, and taunts to visit yet another link.  And email is open, […]

  • Unfocusedness

    I figured it was time for one of my ADD posts. It should match my brain about now. So much for Wordless Wednesday, right? Le Blog: The orange is so not staying so hold on to your shorts. But I do like the layout. I just needed to find something that would run. Internet Explorer […]

  • Where does the afternoon go?

    Okay, okay.   So I know the headers are not quite right with the color of the rest of the page. I’m working on it. I was never fond of the aqua color that is prevalent in the page and have just tolerated it. Quite the exercise for someone like me. Too bad that exercise […]

  • There’s a hitch in my giddy-up.

    Today I feel how one feels when one has used up her happy quota. It’s exhausting being in a good mood. I’m completely pooped. Worn out. Outta gas. It doesn’t mean I’m not smiling, however. Of course, it’s only because I’m in an exhausted stupor. You know, instead of an energetic stupor, if there is […]