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  • Cool August Mornings and a Mother’s Worries

    It’s about that time.  The heat of August has come like it always does and with it damp mornings that will always remind me of getting ready for a new school year to begin.  As soon as the MoH is off to work, I putz around the pots and planters on my patio, snipping away […]

  • Dorothy, you’re sort of in Kansas.

    This morning before leaving for work, the MoH told me that my mother was headed into some very severe weather. Right before heading upstairs to see for myself, I heard that storms had gone through in the night and that someone had died in Missouri. Glancing at the clock, thinking of the two hour time […]

  • Horoscopes and Fairy Godmothers

    When I actually think to read my horror-scope, I like to read it at the end of the day. Somehow, it’s all so much more mysterious when given the day’s events, I’m able to analyze the extent to which the stars have been correct. Or at least that Holiday Mathis, who happens to write the […]