• August


    August is not my favorite month. I’m not sure I’ve ever spent time thinking about this, but today it came up as I was writing my morning pages. The daily three pages of stream of conscious writing is a new facet of my life, derived from The Artist’s Way, by Julia Cameron. I should probably…

  • The Garden that Came with a House

    The Garden that Came with a House

    When I arrived in Maine to view the house I’d found while sifting through properties on the Internet, I already knew it came with a good sized yard. That was the most important piece of criteria outside of being able to walk to town. I wanted enough of a yard to plant a good sized…

  • I Began with the Guest Room

    I Began with the Guest Room

    I’ve lived in many houses in my life, but never an old house — that is, unless one considers the house we owned before the last, built in 1948, old. I’ve always been drawn to old houses and old places. Perhaps for someone who has moved often in her life, the seeming permanence of a…

  • When Pigs Fly

    When Pigs Fly

    Early in January two years ago, I thought — no, believed that before the year had drawn to a close, we would be well on our way to living life much differently from what we were familiar with. Although daunting, nothing could cloud the excitement of moving to another country. I’d lived in Spain as…

  • 2020: Glancing back, gazing ahead

    2020: Glancing back, gazing ahead

    Much has changed in the years from 2010 to 2020 and that’s a very good thing. Life isn’t intended to be stagnant.

  • Best laid plans

    Best laid plans

    For more than a few years, my husband and I have been developing a plan to move to England. More precisely, I’ve been researching and he has listened patiently when I’ve needed him to, the idea growing on him with each discussion. With each trip we’ve taken, and with a somewhat daunting amount of sifting…