life according to me

life according to me

Who, Me?

Who, Me?

Who am I?
A woman, wife, mother of sons, daughter, sister, good friend, cat and dog lover, gardener, passionate cook, photographer, reader, movie lover, writer, persnickety music lover, non-practicing pianist, semi-novice world traveler, daydreamer, and not least, erstwhile educator.

What matters?
Everything — most of the time. I’m most likely not for the faint of heart. Imagine all of the above jockeying for position from day to day, or actually throughout the day. It makes my life interesting, and I am rarely bored.

What’s annoying?
Right now, or on a minute to minute basis? I’ve slept like a brick most of my life, and now, well, it seems I’ve joined the rest of you and don’t.

What’s fabulous?
Well, I don’t own a pair of Jimmy Choos and I’d have trouble walking in them if I did, but I do have a lot of time on my hands to do what I enjoy.

Where’s paradise?
According to a great number of people who have moved here from the Midwest and East Coast–right outside my window. Without the state of California, much of the country would have less to complain about. There must be something good about this place.

Who’s funny?
No one in particular, but cat videos never fail to deliver when I’m in the mood to watch one.

What’s new?
Every single day. It’s about attitude.

What’s on my bookshelf? Or, what’s on my list to be read?
Far too many books to list.  I’m a serial want-to-read but don’t type at this point in my life and there appears to be no end in sight.  I’m on Goodreads, are you?

What’s for dinner?
It’s always changing. We don’t have a set menu from one week to the next, nor do I prepare dishes the same way from one time to the next. It’s always an adventure and most of the time, it’s very good.

What’s interesting?
How much time do you have? I can find something interesting about everything.

What’s hilarious?
Currently, not much. I’ll get over it.

Anyone who blithely follows.

Who needs a boot to the rear?
Reference “Huh?” above. Hypocrites. Negative types.

A round of applause goes to…..
Nice people. People who look out for fellow humans. Humans with big hearts. Compassionate people. Generous people.

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