Category: Mundane Mondays

  • What routine?

    A year ago January, I made a commitment to lose 50 lbs.  After five months of diligent progress, I successfully achieved a 25 lb. loss and was perfectly on schedule to make my goal, still 25 lbs. away.  But here I sit, probably 15 lbs. heavier, thinking about that and other aspects of my life […]

  • One step at a time. Maybe.

    I woke up well before I normally do today, willing myself to stay in bed and lie still, listening to the fan whir back and forth, the puff of air it creates just reaching me.  I watched the brightness on the walls created by the streetlight outside slowly fade as the dark sky made its […]

  • Writing

    I read a piece by Ann Lamott yesterday telling me something I already knew.  If I’d just commit to writing for 30 minutes a day, in a year I’d have something. Of course, “something” is going to depend on the person who has to read it, but at least it would be something to work […]

  • Windy Summer Days & Pickles

    Windy summer days are gifts, their bursts of cool air a welcome relief to my perpetually damp middle-aged skin.  I  stand on the side of the house where the gusts are strongest and raise my arms a bit, allowing it to wash over me in much the same way water does as I swim.  It’s soothing. […]

  • Sunrise and Musical Cars

    I’ve spent some time going back through what I’d written at this time last year.  In much the same way that I can go through photos, which always tell a different story than words, it helped me understand more than ever, two things. Some things never change. The sun will always rise in the morning […]

  • It’s Dark at 3am.

    Sometimes at night I wake and am not exactly sure how long I’ve been so, my eyes open and staring at patterns the too bright light across the street makes on our bedroom ceiling. It’s so quiet, even with the windows still open to let the cool Fall night air in. Everything is still. I […]