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  • 2020: Glancing back, gazing ahead

    2020: Glancing back, gazing ahead

    Much has changed in the years from 2010 to 2020 and that’s a very good thing. Life isn’t intended to be stagnant.

  • Old photos and procrastination

    Old photos and procrastination

      I’ve lost track of how long ago I asked my sister whether she remembered a particular photo of me and a childhood friend.  I could figure it out if I wanted to increase the guilt I feel for procrastinating on my promise to do something with our rag tag collection of family photos, but…

  • College + Life: Year One

    It’s been an interesting year and writing about it on July 6 is odd considering most people think about doing so on January 1 when they’re busy taking stock of their lives, yet again caught up in the idea of promising themselves the moon if only they might eat less, organize more, drink less, exercise…

  • Billy Collins and stiff upper lips

    Billy Collins and stiff upper lips

    I love Billy Collins.  He makes me think differently about the things I think about.  His sometimes irreverent, and certainly candid perspective always stops me long enough to think:  Really?  Do I need to take myself that seriously?  It’s refreshing. What’s not refreshing is that in this month of heightening everyone’s awareness about breast cancer,…

  • Finding time to relax again

    Busy season is finally over yet another year.  There have been so many I’ve lost count.  It means the MoH is home before dark, and that it’s time for me to have an idea or two to plant in his mind before he heads for work in the morning about what we might do in…

  • Loving my Valentine

    Loving my Valentine

    I don’t expect that on Valentine’s Day anyone will be spanking me with dog or goat-skin whips in order to increase my fertility this year, because although some may find that entertaining, I wouldn’t.  I’m thinking that the MoH wouldn’t like it much either, since he’s my Valentine, and I his. We’re more about simple…