Weekending and All that Stuff

What a weekend. I don’t know what’s more significant — that there were what seemed to be a zillion cops manning speed traps on the way to dog beach this morning, or that the sun is finally out. Finally. And what a perfect way to end a very busy weekend. Absolutely no couch potatoing from me. But a good way to kick off summer all the same. Good thing to know there will be more money in the city coffers from all those tickets the police were giving out.

In case you haven’t figured out that this post is about the weekend — here, let me say it one more time, this weekend, I went shopping with the MoH who has a tendency to wait an entire year before he replenishes his supply of work clothes. He doesn’t like to shop and doesn’t like to spend money. I would agree with the first thing, but the second? Sheesh. You gotta be kidding. I’m thinking it should be an olympic sport. And the big question that needs to be answered about this shopping excursion is — How long does it take to pick out a tee shirt? News at eleven. Me? I didn’t buy one single thing. In fact, I’m seriously thinking about going green on my wardrobe. You know, wearing recycled clothes. Okay, well, how about consignment shop clothes? You get the idea, right? Save money and the planet all at once.

Saturday night, rocking to ’80s tunes at a local, but smoke-filled *cough-gasp* casino while listening to the MoH’s brother’s band, The Reaganomics, was very fun. Very. Almost as fun as it was watching the 60+ crowd get up to shake their boo-tayz to Cyndi Lauper and Madonna. Girls just wanna have fuh-hun.. The groupie with the black and white striped tards was a hoot, too, givin’ the MoH’s bro a serious hug during a break between sets. Have you ever hugged someone who’s been rockin’ for an hour like there’s no tomorrow? S-W-E-A-T-Y.

Table's Set And we had to get together with friends to eat of course. So we rubbed our sleep-lacking and scratchy eyes, dragged our butts out of bed and stopped by the farmer’s market to cruise through the rows looking at veggies, Farmer's Market Fruit flowers, bread, Bread at the Market and drooliscious things like roasted artichoke hearts and garlic was perfect. I was able to get a pretty good start on part of the menu for dinner. Squash Blossoms Although courgettes weren’t exactly on that menu, I couldn’t resist buying some and finding a recipe to try. Thank goodness for friends to tolerate food experiments. Fried Squash Blossoms Surprisingly, the recipe wasn’t bad (stuffed with ricotta and parmesan, then batter fried)– at least better than the Pappa al pomodoro I’ve been wanting to make for many years that could give “mush” new meaning. Go figure. All that tells me is what I already know. Sometimes, planning isn’t worth beans. Although beans would definitely have been more tasty than the soup.

Today? Lots of food blogging to post this and this. One of them will make you fat just looking at it, and the other is so you can lose the weight you gained by looking at the food porn. It’s a Salad ‘Stravaganza I’m co-hosting with a fellow food blogger, Lis from La Mia Cucina. Check it out and get involved. The more, the merrier.
Now, I’m out to enjoy the sun before it goes away. I gotta finish that stoopid book I’ve been trudging through that is so totally not worth it, and seriously reinforcing the idea that if a book doesn’t get my attention by page 40, then screw it. But I said I was going to read all those books, remember?






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  1. Sounds like a great weekend. I’d love to go shopping. I’ve made a point of not buying “new” clothes but, instead, shopping at the New Used Store nearest us for the past 4 years. I don’t think I have any new things, other than underwear and socks, in my closet. You’d never know by what is there that it’s all New Used clothing. In fact, I probably couldn’t wear the brandnames I do if I bought them new. As for the book, I’d move to the middle and, if that doesn’t speed things up, you can do the last 3 chapters. That’s how I’ve made it through many a book that should have been left on the hard-drive. Oh, and we had sun this weekend too – lots. I now have Rudolf nose – I even think it glows! Time to throw away that 3 year old lotion and splurge for some new stuff.

  2. kellypea

    Hi Kelly — Thanks for the tip in the book. I guess I’ve always been a die hard on that sort of thing. You know, like the author owes it to me since I paid for the book. Whatever.

    I’m thinking hard about the New Used Store idea. There are a lot of little shops around here that would make shopping more interesting, less expensive, and — “green.” That should ensure me a spot on “What Not to Wear” since they are always bagging on people who frequent thrift stores for their wardrobes.

    Take care of that nose next time. In my family alone, we’ve had three people who have had to have that mose surgery on their noses for cancer. The end result was great, but they were pretty concerned about having to go through life without a nose…

  3. Sounds like you had an action packed weekend! I myself was a couch potato 🙂 Sat on the couch and ate. I like the idea of going “green” with the wardrobe cause I’m with ya – hate to go shopping but love to spend $.

  4. kellypea

    Hi Deb — I would rather do the couch potatoing most of the time. Truly.

    And I’m co-hosting a Salad ‘Stravaganza on Sass & Veracity. You should submit an entry. I eat salad on my couch all the time 🙂

  5. What a great farmer’s market!

  6. kellypea

    Hey Cherann — It is pretty great. There’s art, some beautiful linens from Provence, and a couple of vendors who make absolutely cute children’s clothes.

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