Minx interview reveals no pink ruffles for Kellypea

I love Thursday. It’s always been my favorite day of the week. The whole idea of a weekend and its promise stretching out before me has has always confirmed that looking forward to something is one of the finest pleasures in life. Mind you, nothing spectacular has to be planned that causes this feeling of anticipation. It’s simply the possibility. The opportunity. The choices that can be made. I love to wallow through them one by simple one. They’re rarely something that would catch another’s attention, and you’d most likely laugh if I took the time now to say what they are, but I’ll save that for another time. Don’t hold your breath, though.

So to celebrate Thursday, and that I most diligently worked for the better part of the day yesterday, today, I’m here. First thing. Completely and utterly committed to responding to five questions put forth to yours truly by The Domestic Minx, that clever, purring, femme fatale of Bloggsville who has quite the alluring way with words, and proclivity for risque art.

I vaguely remember volunteering for this interview some time ago, fascinated and curious about what she might want to know — clever Minx that she is…

1. Like you, Kellypea, I love to get lost in a good book. Your blog is like that; fascinating, funny and filled with your incorrigible wit! If the whole shebang was to be made into a book, what would the teaser be? Tell me the blurb!!

Hmmm…get out your Wellies for this one, folks:

We’ve often been told that the sum of the parts are greater than the whole. That would not be the case with a small, but colorful place of Bloggsville that has an exceptionally large presence, leaving the reader with a sense of, “What the hell was that all about?” three whole minutes after they’ve left kellementology. Kellypea, the author of kellementology draws in the unsuspecting surfer in Bloggsville with a Warholesque visage of a female in the header that one may be not quite prepared for. But she claims to know something about “grasping life by the short hairs,” so perhaps a brief visit may uncover tips which can be capitalized upon.

Perusing entries of Kellypea’s weblog such as “Lub Notes and Swollen Body Parts,” and “Math and Sunshine in Dark Places,” may give readers the idea that she is just another woman with great feet and a relentlessly persistent pretense of wanting a body like Kate Moss. But then you stumble upon pieces like “Complexity + Change = Simplicity,” and “Teenagers and Circus Hoops” and you begin to understand that she’s a bit more complex than you may have thought — even if you are really only searching for “ricky lake + diet + book.”

Kellypea is kellementology, and without her convoluted nature and shameless self indulgence, this blog would certainly be just another blip on the Technorati link train.

Now if it was all to become a film, of course that’s another matter entirely…


Movie Poster

2. I know how challenging it can be living in a house full of men, darling. How and when do you use your femininity to your advantage?

Okay, so what would “feminity” be, exactly? I have conflicting images creating havoc in my mind of Marilyn Monroe singing “I Want to be Loved by You” in Some Like it Hot,

Marilyn Monroe in Some Like it Hot

June Cleaver in a negligee, and Phyllis Diller greeting her husband at the door after work wrapped in Saran Wrap.

I’m wondering if it means crying when I don’t get my way, or laying in bed all day with a head ache and expecting room service.

I’m more comfortable just being me. No ruffles, no pink things, no girly stuff. In fact, I really don’t get the whole “girly girl” thing. It actually makes me uncomfortable. And using it to an advantage? You’re kidding, right?

When I’m fed up with something, I get mad, I don’t cry.

When I want something, I get it myself. I don’t hint around about it. I take care of it. Well, most of the time.

The whole pampering thing escapes me. I don’t like people doing things for me. It makes me grossly uncomfortable. I’m sure there’s some kind of bizarre psychological explanation for that one somewhere out there, and goodness, chime right in with your comments.

Nope. No feminine wiles. I am what I am.

3. Although your recent sojourn by Lake Tahoe must seem an age away, I was horridly jealous reading about it. Describe in infuriating detail your perfect holiday escape.

Warm, crystal clear water the color of a softly worn piece of sea glass. Sand so white, it can’t be real. A sky dotted with clouds here and there, floating slowly through a balmy breeze. A hooded lounge chair perfectly positioned on a deck just outside a beach house with an unobstructed view of the ocean, not 50 yards away. Palm fronds rustling against one another high above, casting occasional shadows across my legs. An excellent book about nothing that matters. The possibility of an afternoon sail. A fabulous dinner of fresh, fresh food and someone to cook it perfectly. The MoH snoring softly next to me…

And a guy in khaki shorts and a white linen shirt who never lets my glass empty of Yellow Birds.

Atlantis was spectacular…and about as close as I have gotten to what I’ve described here.
But a small beach house with no one else around? Now that would be truly heaven on Earth.

Yes, that would just about do it.

4. Promises of “Extra Sizing your man unit with Extra Size Plus” may not have your heart pounding, but do tell, what would be the very best thing that could be delivered to your Inbox?

Ahhh…the patience I have for SPAM. With absolutely no hesitation, I would swoon for legitimate and free monthly surprise packages from places like Dean & Deluca, The French Gourmet Store, Tabula Tua, Bittersweet Pastries, and A Cook’s Wares. And an opportunity to try them out, sample their wonderfulness, and then write about them. For pay, of course. I know it’s not as exciting to some as perhaps getting free shoes such as this in the mail,


but it would be wasted on me. Really. But red shoes? Now that’s a completely different issue all together. So call me Dorothy? Uh, minus Kansas.

5. Being a busy wife and mother means there never seems to be enough time to orchestrate the pampering one needs on a regular basis…What are the delicious treats you can’t do without, Kellypea, what are the indulgences you wish you had more time for and what things get left by the wayside?

Busy? Uh, no. For the very first time in my life, I’m not busy at all, so I can’t put myself alongside all those who are working, or raising children — or both. Oh, and going to school as well. Yes, I’ve done those things and although it was exhausting, it was worth it. Should I be busy? Well I’d have to define “busy.”

If you’ve read even one or two of my posts, you know by now that I might be considered one of the fortunate few. I don’t go to a “job” or necessarily work for someone else. At least right now, I don’t. That could change. It has been quite the luxury and I could stop there and consider it the ultimate extended pampering session. But a funny thing happened along this path to taking time off to consider myself in this life. I did what I normally do. I learn something and end up occupying my time with everything but what I thought I would have. It figures. So I’m never bored, but most likely am not indulging myself in the pampering sessions others might prefer.

The ultimate indulgence would be to have someone come to my home, take a look around, finish all the projects I’ve left undone, fix what my eye hasn’t quite seen the right way, clean and scrub and buff to a sparkling state, and organize what needs to be organized. Closets, garage (which really isn’t so bad if you can believe that), drawers, and cupboards…family photos…all of it. And I’d love to join in on the effort, of course, because I’d find it interesting. Plus, I’d get to make those labels I’ve spoken of. I’d LOVE those labels. Now, I could probably devote a week to the effort by myself and not have the Magic Martha show up at my front door, but I’d be distracted and never finish. That’s why I’d salivate over this indulgence. Everything would be organized, lined up, fluffed up. No fleas, no hairballs, no stinky teenage bathroom. Just clean, sleek surfaces and fresh, lightly scented air…

Okay. You get the idea.

Not exactly burning up the pages, here, am I? Predictable? Most likely not. Screaming out about a cause? Hmmm…I’m more private about those kinds of things for some reason. But I enjoy blathering on about whatever strikes my fancy, and responding to questions from Minx has certainly helped to make my Thursday the best day I’ve had this week.

And I haven’t been distracted the entire time I’ve been writing.

Fancy that.

I know. Shut up and go back to work.





9 responses to “Minx interview reveals no pink ruffles for Kellypea”

  1. that was excellent.. i remember when the mink had the post about interviews,,, i guess i didn’t really understand what it was… but this looks like so much fun… i wanna do it!!!!!

    Thanks, paisley and well, what the hell are you waiting for? Get yourself on over to the minx and have her brew you up a set of doozies…

  2. Yes, I agree with Paisley, very nice indeed. I especially related to the attachment to Thursday. Fridays I slip on one of a trove of Hawaiian shirts, throw on some jeans and saunter into work at some point, doodle on the keyboard and head home for a glass of brew to enjoy the evening. Oh and yes, even though I had a delightful vacation, your blissful description was well beyond enviable. Loves me some Tahoe.

    Hey Phil. I love the whole casual Friday. Not quite the same in school world, although we usually did jeans and a school sweatshirt or tee. Funny how clothes can affect you that way…so relaxed. Yes, and the brew. Definitely! I’m seriously in Friday mode today: no whining, digging in and looking forward to a great weekend!

  3. I love MINX, and I really LOVE this post.

    The questions are great. The answers with the PHOTOS are AWESOME!

    I am signing up to be interviewed too!

    Hi Meleah — I would’ve thought you’d have been first in on this one. Let me know when you’re “up.”

  4. I just have to tell you that I have always loved Friday for this same reason. And I have always been one that loved anticipation…sometimes I like the build-up even more than the event itself. Earache and I recently coined this “Antici-Patience”. Aren’t we clever?

    Antici-Patience is a perfect way to describe it. No “hurry up and wait” for me. I love all the expectation and always want to prolong it as much as possible. Totally worth it.

  5. I tend to read titles fast, and read your title as
    “no pink nipples for kellypea”.

    Despite the fact there was no mention of pink nipples anywhere I love this interview. I am a natural voyeur so getting a tiny glimpse of people out here is always interesting.

    Cooper, how did you know? I’ve been thinking of getting some of those little twirly thingys to help a bit with the aerobics in the morning. Could spice up the neighbors’ lives a bit around here.

  6. We do get to retire from stinky teenage bathrooms some day, don’t we? Please say we do! I fantasize about pulling the toilet out that bathroom and sending it to a toxic waste dump!

    This was a fun read, kudos to you and the minx.

    Hi Micki — I KNOW we get to retire from that stinkiness. Such a deal going from that sweet smelling baby to sweat and oil, huh? As far as the bathroom goes, I’m thinking one of those white asbestos suits would be great!

  7. Earlene

    Hey, I enjoy your posts too, but as your mom I want everyone to know that your home is tastefully decorated and very comfy. The white upstairs carpet has a few spots but other than that anyone would love your home. So there!!

    Hola Momzer! Thanks for sharing. When we get rid of the carpet, I’m going to donate it to the spot prevention of America society. Or something.

  8. This was great fun – of course with such a team how could it be anything else!

    Thanks! I don’t know that I’m remotely in minx’ league. I’m completely fascinated by her posts. Truly remarkable, that woman!

  9. You are so utterly, definitively darling.
    What a fabulous, fabulous post.
    You have done immense credit to my questions, you clever, witty creature and, despite your protestations, I think you are an utter Minx!!!
    I absolutely love you !!!


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