Celebrating with the kellenator

I know it’s not Wednesday, but still. I couldn’t resist. Well, actually I must have, because there aren’t supposed to be words here, right? Feh. I so don’t know how to not say anything. It’s a genetic problem. But I had to in some way celebrate that I:

  • was not at school on the First Day of School for the first time in over 20 years — give or take one or two;
  • was not sick with worry about whether we’d have enough students to keep all our teachers (i.e., tell one who has prepared very hard to get ready for a school year that he/she would have to leave);
  • did not have to be concerned that we had a vacancy for a position necessary to run the business part of the school — or have to train a new one who has absolutely no idea how to do his/her job;
  • did not have to act like it mattered that NCLB may seem great on paper but will never really work, and that YES! we’re all revved up about those test scores;
  • didn’t have to work the kinks out of a new lunch schedule, or bell schedule, or bus schedule, or duty schedule, or master schedule, or budget, or any of that.
  • I didn’t have to wonder for the 8,000th time why boys think pants that hang off their rear ends are comfortable to walk around in, and adolescent girls think everyone wants to stare at their cleavage and bellies;

I have many very good friends who do think and wonder and worry about these things — today more than most other days — and they are very good at making sure it’s all taken care of with no discernible sign of angst.

Instead, I:

  • joked gleefully with my new captive carpool kids, who didn’t laugh, even though I thought I was captivating;
  • drove down the hill past a good friend of mine who was on cross walk duty at her school — I did beep and wave, and I’ll bet she wishes she could have given me a special wave as I cruised past;
  • cheered with glee (well, not really) that the temperature here (77 today! and shhhhh….maybe the humidity?) dropped at least 10-15 degrees, and I can now thaw out my brains by turning off the AC;
  • successfully avoided doing anything I should do on this very special day;
  • obsessively thought about doing something I should be doing while I was doing what I wanted to do;
  • spent a lot of time going through blogs to get them on my netvibes feeder and was dismayed to find that many won’t go…;
  • waited anxiously for the RT to come home and tell me all about his first day back at Paradise High;
  • waited until the last minute to do this truly thoughtful and well-written post;
  • couldn’t resist and instead of writing about how The Govvenator is going to save those of us in SoCal from dying of thirst after that stupid ruling that is designed to protect a fish that most use as bait when they go fishing, I’d don his visage just for hoots;


  • thought about the last two Halloweens the RT wore this mask and wondered if he had blown his nose….





6 responses to “Celebrating with the kellenator”

  1. LOL….LOL….

    You are one lucky woman with all the DID NOTS!

    I too suffer from…… “obsessively thought about doing something I should be doing while I was doing what I wanted to do”….

    Okay, so maybe the mask was a bit over the edge, but I couldn’t resist making my point. Besides, gorilla sushi had a gorilla playing the drums, so why not? And it took care of me worrying about what I should be doing.

  2. Sounds like a good list of did-nots! BTW, liked your comment on the “Bundies”. Har!

    Yes, I’ve just recently willed those delightful Bundies to the garbage…with a hearty farewell.

  3. “I so don’t know how to not say anything” makes WAY too much sense.

    Hmmm…I was thinking it was just right. But don’t go checking the syntax for correctness. Kay?

  4. Earlene

    Sounds like you had the kinda day I’ve always wanted you to enjoy once in awhile.

    Yep. It was good until the RT came home with school stuff. Yuck.

  5. Ritzy

    Happy Back To School and NOT going into School!
    I have watched the school buses from my window now for three years. I still feel a tiny pull, urge, wonderlust for excitement of a new school year with sharpened pencils and new notebooks (and a clean grade & plan book!) …. and I get over it and thank someone (my hubby) for the time to be home with my boys and watch them grow up, experience life, explore and be there for them when they need a Momma hug & snuggle.

    The New School Year Blues fades into a memory as daily life continues and you find good in the new routine you have. You enjoy a walk in the middle of a perfect fall afternoon while others are ‘working’; you will rise on your own time (if it is not carpool day) and putter about your house nursing a good cup o’ joe while others are in meetings; and you talk on the phone to your mom or sister or best friend while sitting on your back patio while others are fighting to get out of work before they hit traffic.

    You will be busy I am sure… and you will enjoy this new chapter without the school responsiblities!

    Hey Ritzy — The only school bus I saw was the one that nearly squashed me as I was pulling away from the curb at the HS. That would have been a fine Howdy Doo. And yes, I’m planning my busyness as I write. Rather exhilirating thinking about my routine. And there has to be one, because that’s when I get to look forward to certain aspects of it all.

    I love the beauty of your writing in your comment. Very nice…

  6. Hey, you really do have an Arnold mask. I’m still not trading though. 🙂

    Yes, I do have that mask — inspired by your gorilla, which is still cracking me up!

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