The sunset was interesting last night. IMG_4446.JPG

The troops became even more restless.

And according to the RT, gas alerts were also something to be concerned with. IMG_4435.JPG

But not natural gas.


Thirty-one words. Not bad for a nearly wordless Wednesday.

Okay, so now 41.


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  1. Robert, I know. I’m hopeless as well. The only reason I had such a short post is that I began posting about Las Vegas and my husband’s laptop lost the connection and my writing was lost. Clearly, I had gotten my fix, so was beyond the need to blather. I’ll be better tomorrow.

  2. Fee Fi — I always think of Nearly Headless Nick when I do the Wednesday thing. Yes, definitely a fan…

    Hey Cooper, the whole counting thing has worn off on my due to my number obsessed huzbink. Only to this extent, thankfully…

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