Sledgehammer, anyone?

We made it back to Paradise in some order. That is if you count the fact that the RT and I would have been first in line for any offer of a head transplant so full of goop and germs ours were we wondered if we could even survive the flight. Have you ever been on an airplane with a head cold? I have vivid memories of pain in my ears that rivaled that of childbirth. But Nyquil tabs and Halls cough drops actually did the job. Sleep, incredible pressure just before we landed, and delirious staring at the RT mess around with the Paint software on the MoH’s laptop. It is now his screen saver, lucky dude. I’d share, but I left my camera in VA.

The MoH kicks into doctor mode whenever we go on long flights, so we drank that stuff the school teacher made up before we even left Paradise. You know, that fizzy stuff that tastes like bad citrus soda? Feh. The woman that was hacking and snooting in the row across from us must have had our names written on her microbes. The US Postal Service should know about her. The RT was the first victim, and I succumbed immediately afterwards. By Christmas evening, we would have qualified for a balloon gig in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade.

Staying up until the wee hours of several nights with foolishness, revelry, and a pagan bonfire thrown in for good measure sealed the deal.

I’m sick.

Like a dog. Me.  On Nyquil and Bad Commercials

Okay, so I’m really just laying on the couch with my dog watching one inane commercial after another while overdosing on DIY television. What is up with the guy selling that slice-o-matic thing who YELLS in every commercial he’s in? Get out the hook for gawdsake. And the lady who used to do the “I’ve fallen and can’t get up” commercials? I swear she’s all babed up in the new ones. How convincing will that be? Sheesh.

The RT and I have been oozing around the house since our return last night peering through red-rimmed, slit eyes and talking only when necessary with gravely voices. The RT has been spared the achy, stingy Grand Canyon of a throat ache that I have, so he’s had some time to mess with his new computer, practice a few chords on his brand spankin’ new guitar that Santa brought and the two big boys unwrapped for him in a family iChat session on Christmas Day and doncha just love technology?

So here I am, filling your day with merriness.

I’m off to bed armed with several chick flicks I’ve seen a million times.

That should do it.

See you soon.







10 responses to “Sledgehammer, anyone?”

  1. Just stop whingeing and get better. Hope your New Year’s is good anyway…

  2. OK dump the chick flicks and dig out Smokey and the Bandit…:):):)

  3. Welcome Home – hope you feel better.

    And it’s against the law to talk about a new guitar without posting a picture – even if it’s not yours. I expect you to remedy that once you are back up and around.


  4. Ritzy

    With you on the sickness – #1 Son got it first, followed by the Dad and Son #2.. and then the Lucky Yours Truly day after Christmas. 2 trips to the doc’s, one Rx for antibiotics and about 5 boxes of Puffs Plus later… and not to mention Tylenol and Mucinex out the wazoo – I think we’re finally on the mend… just in time to sit on our butts and watch the ball drop. Or maybe we’ll just Tivo it and watch over tea Tuesday morning. Why wait up? ๐Ÿ™‚ Cheers from K’zoo – glad you got home safely and had a good trip, despite the snot & cold.

  5. Snot fun being sick at Christmas! ;(
    I hope you perk up soon Kellypea!

  6. awww… feel better sweety!

    Ps…Happy New Years Eve! ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. Glad your home though, safe and sound.

  8. Glad you made it back.

    Have a Happy New Year.

  9. Yo, Mark. Does it count as “whingeing” if I can’t hit the high notes? It does? Okay. And New Years is planned. We’ll toast East Coast time and then hit the sack. We would not be poster children for the term Party Animals…

    Yanno, Robert? I actually picked up Smokey & the Bandit while shopping for my middle son’s Christmas presents. It got elbowed out by a Benny Hill collection. That’s sort of Brit Red Necky, isn’t it?

    Scott, I would have been all over the photos of the RT with his new guitar, except the sight of him would crack the lense. He looks worse than I do. Oh, and yes, that camera is on it’s way from VA. I could try and use PhotoBooth like I did in this post…Hmmm…

    Ritzy! I’m sooooooooooo sorry to hear you’re sick again — especially after that scary bout you recently had. Glad to hear you nipped this one before things got too bad. And tea on New Year’s Day sounds good to me, too. The whole ball dropping thing never really did anything for me. How do you spell “party-pooper?” STAY WELL!

    Olga, you got that right, girl. Snot funny having to cough up a few cup fulls ifyahknow wotImean. Bwahahaha!

    Thanks, meleah. At least today I don’t feel like my head needs to be pulled around in a wagon behind me. UGH.

    Hey Dave! Happy New Year to you and yours! Hopefully you’ve avoided all this goopy nonsense. I’m going to have to reserve a couple of days just to catch up on what you’ve had to say. Thanks for wishing us home well.

    Happy New Year to you, too, Cooper. Any resolutions?

  10. ohhhhh …..I get sick everytime I fly…it’s a given. I am so sorry to hear that!! I want to wish you a very happy and HEALTHY New Year! I am so glad to have found another foodie, and even better, through Meleah! Feel better and have a great New year! We’re having swiss fondue and I got a chocolate fountain for Christmas ๐Ÿ™‚ We’re having that for dessert! YUM!

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