Life certainly does go on, doesn’t it?

So, life goes on, of course.

The RTR has a holiday today in spite of the fact that the MoH and I have to go to work. What? Like clients who happen to have a holiday as well will be busting the doors down to get their taxes taken care of?



And yes, the Chargers lost. But yanno? They totally gave Bill something to think about. And without their bestest, 100% healthy team. After dealing with the ups and downs of the Chargers for umpteen gazillion years, we’re pretty pleased with the effort. And bummed that Green Bay didn’t win, of course. But the bright side of that is that I’m sure all the talking heads are pissed now because they couldn’t have their back-up dream match up for the Thooper Bowl. BWAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHA! I am so glad for that. Boring farts. East Coast biased sports crap. It just gets so completely OLD after a while. They all need to get over them selves.

Besides, that fat lady still hasn’t begun to sing. I can’t HEEEEEAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRR her Bill cheating Belichick. Now where was that vodoo doll I bought the last time I was in New Orleans? Hmmmm….
And sadly, the Best Buy saga is almost at an end. And if you don’t know what I’m talking about, count yourself lucky. I finally relinquished my grip on the situation with the television, the MoH called, and voila. He was told it would be taken care of. Just. Like. That.

I guess it’s true that no one enjoys a harpy. But the reality is that someone’s gotta stir the pot before the closer comes in. Yah. Whatever.

But when we went in to get the transaction rolling Saturday night, they still tried to pull their company crap. Go here. Go there. We don’t do that. Can’t you have a friend bring the television in? Excuse me? But the MoH persisted (I could tell through the window where I lurked after storming out the door, like SO THERE in my most hissy fitted fashion and was freezing my butt off because I think it was actually 45 degrees that night…). And his logic must have shaken them to some level of intelligence that might be measurable, because a truck is actually going to come with a NEW TV, trade it out for the old TV, and the Geek Squad will actually remount the damn thing back on the wall. What a concept.

Now do you think they could have come up with that scenario by themselves? Of course not.

And lest I be labeled a skeptic, I’m sure everything will go just fine and dandy.


Did you see that totally pink flyin’ pig whiz by the window?


Now have yourself a splendiferous Monday.

I promise I’ll try to be nice tomorrow.

Today is all about piss and vinegar.

That would be the angry phase of the grief cycle, right?


3 responses to “Life certainly does go on, doesn’t it?”

  1. Oh my gosh. Where am I, I’m so confused. It’s like virtual vertigo. I love that you are changing designs. I admire your design tenacity. You have such great hutspah.

    Life does indeed go on.


  2. Hi Phil, I’m just trying to get this ol’ blog to reflect something different in me. Whatever that is. Credit to Thad Allender for the theme. I like the clean look of it, but have other plans with another of his designs, so this is most likely temporary. A good one to play with though. I’m still in need of some patience to get squared away with the correct version of WordPress. I’m still not there, yet and not everything on this is working correctly. Of course my heart’s not quite in it. I’ll get there. In time.

  3. Yup. That would be the anger talkin…. 🙁

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