Is Monday over yet?

I’m at a loss for words today. What that really means is I don’t feel like making the effort to write. Tired, I guess.

I spent the weekend — yes, the entire weekend — engaged in my once monthly baking challenge completely flummoxed. I know. Savor the moment. Wallow in it. Mark it on your calendar, for gawdsakes, and then get over it.

Usually, after I’ve completed each challenge, I hurry to look at the photos, and then get busy on my write-up. Bear in mind this is usually at the last possible minute considering we all agree to post our results on the same day. The last possible minute for me is about midnight when I’ve just finished loading the photos and then can begin searching for others’ results.

Sounds exciting, huh?


Last night, I thought I’d have enough energy to do my write-up after the Oscars, but no. Too tired. So I fell into bed and slept like a ton of bricks until about 3:30 — or so I thought. I have vague memories of this new thing I do when I’m in the twilight zone and not quite asleep. At least I hope it’s at that particular time, because if I’m dreaming, then I’ve completely lost it.

I realize I have my mouse in my hand and can see a monitor complete with pop-up windows much like those appearing on my food blog when I’m uploading a photo. It’s a boring, repetitive process that I really don’t enjoy when I’m awake, so you can imagine that realizing my brain is engaging in this activity when I’m not awake is a bit startling.

I must have been so preoccupied about not completing my write-up that I was getting it done in my sleep.

Or not.

That’s why I woke up early. And I tried to go back to sleep, but couldn’t, so rolled out of bed, made some coffee, and trudged upstairs to settle in, get my write-up done, and perhaps check out about a hundred of the 500 blogs that would all be featuring the very same recipe. Like I said…exciting. You know, giddy with excitement type exciting.

It sort of feels like the whole, “Gentlemen, start your engines thing.” Just humor me, okay?

Swigging my coffee like it was the last cup on Earth, I clicked on our uber secret baking community blog to check on a few details, and what do you know…

…the write-up isn’t even due until the 29th.


And do you think I wrote it anyway, saving it as a draft until publication time?


And do you think I went back to bed?


But I did find this which is pretty cool and so I thought I’d do one myself. Or four or five.

I figured that a few six-word memoirs would effectively work with my at a loss for words kind of state.

Searched for self in many places.

Good at making lemonade of lemons.

No patch of moss on me.

Lots of practice splitting those hairs.

Never did use up her words.

I’ll keep working on it.



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4 responses to “Is Monday over yet?”

  1. loripea

    Six words huh?

    Blue collar, white collar, no collar

    Smack dab in the middle again

    The kids are gone now what?

    How’s that?

  2. You are just too damn smart, loripea. Totally excellent.

  3. I did my baking on Sunday, too. But it was a disaster, I am redoing it all over again today, I’ll tell you about it when I finish. A French friend of mine was here to help me over and he told me that making that recipe was a pain in the butt and yes, I agree :-/

  4. I have those days…when you just arent “feeling” it…

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