It’s 11:08 pm which means I still get to post my bloggoversary cake. They’re actually cupcakes, but still. Take a bite. I made ’em ‘specially for today.

I know.  I forgot the candle.  If you’re dying for that I’ll have it on my food site.

Bloggaversary Cakelets Just for You

And yes. I have a new theme. No complaints, okay? At least not right now.

The sprig with the water drops is kind of nice (I already looked in the images file to switch it out…) and the single side bar is okay, but I’ll have to get used to the real estate at the bottom. No matter.

Funny how this one is aqua, too. I’m seriously not planning this. It just happens.

But I’ll work on it.

Firebug is making a bit more sense now, so I may just be able to change that color after I figure out the new header.

Don’t you just love a work in progress?

That would be me.

So cheers!

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  1. Hey paisley — thanks! Cross your fingers that I’ll get off this Bloggoversary kick I’m on, ‘kay?

    Thanks, meleah. It’s only a matter of time that I’ll start playing with it. And you can’t have this cake. It has flour in it. : (

    Thanks Scott. I’m still getting used to the firebug thing. It’s a bit alarming when it’s engaged (activated?) and there’s a little note in the corner that mentions “errors” and then I realize they’re not on my site! hahahaha. I think. Should I worry?

    Chefmom — Hola! And I had to undo the photos because the Bealtles kept singing and singing and I’m pretty sure that’s annoying to people.

    Hey Chick! Thanks! I need to come visit, huh?

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