Swooning in FoodLand

It’s May 28th…the end of the month. And you know what that means, right? I made dessert to match my blog. Nice, huh? Sort of glows?

I’m in Foodland, and we’re all woozy on Opera cake right now. I haven’t quite drooled on my keyboard yet, but there are some incredibly amazing flavor combos out there, and quite polished presentations, so it’s only a matter of time. Seriously. I’m always left inspired by the talent.

I went for the lava look myself. Dessert tonight after our salad dinner. Small pieces. Very. There’s TWO CUPS of buttah in ONE aspect of this creation and I lost count on the eggs. Yes, there’s sugar. Jeez. Does it count that I purchased one ingredient at our farmer’s market?

Wanna lick? No pushing.

Just didn’t want you to think I was flaking around on you. This one took all of yesterday, and was finished this morning.

My back’s feeling it, but I got in my three miles this morning.

And then I had two pieces for breakfast.

Tiny ones.

Taste testing, okay?

Jeez. How many calories could there possibly be in two tiny pieces? Eight-thousand? Feh.

But you can lurk if you’d like some calorie-less viewing privileges. You know. Because we’re friends.

Okay, and I have absolutely NO idea why that link looks like that. I’ve done it five times, exactly the way I always do it, and hell. I just guess it wants some notice.


If it looks normal to you right now, it’s because I persisted and well, it finally paid off.  And if it still looks strange, trust me.  I tried.  So just go click on Sass & Veracity in the blogroll and cut to the chase.

Clearly, my brain has been rotted by the sugar and fat.

What a way to go.


4 responses to “Swooning in FoodLand”

  1. Meliisa

    Like I said on your food blog… send me the remaining
    small piece. Just looking at the pictures is making my
    hips wider!…..(the cake is gorgeous!) I applaud your
    hard work. 🙂

  2. Hi Melissa — thanks! I saw your comment on the other site and always worry about those of you who are non Daring Bakers ’cause you sort of get lost in the shuffle! It’s scary out there! My hips are suffering from another dose of that cake, and the consensus is that the squares are more tasty than the small rounds, which have more of the mousse. Too tart. Of course the bread at dinner didn’t help. UGH.

  3. Ritzy

    yum yum yummmy!!

  4. Does the Orange food mean you are coming to terms with the orange blog?

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