Pigs, Lipstick, and Other Shiny Objects

This is not a light-hearted post, so if you’re just not in the mood to be real, that’s fine.  But right now,  I’m thinking that blogging about my patio flowers, or thoughts about floor covering choices for a remodel, or how much I’d like to mail my flea-ridden pets to Siberia are not worth spending time on.

My mind is heavy with the election, and decisions, policies and issues, and I have to pull the plug sometimes. I’m listening to 911 coverage in the background, remembering, and thinking how strange it is that seven years can go by so quickly, yet so slowly…

I’ve been accused of wanting much, and I won’t disagree.  This list of wants doesn’t cost money, though.

I want people to realize there’s quite a bit of difference between reality television and what’s unfolding in this election for the Presidency of the U.S.  But if you like straddling the two, by all means, watch Fox News.  At least you’ll be entertained while you’re missing the news elsewhere, “Sweetie.”

I want the media, who completely understand how much America laps up reality television, to quit feeding the frenzy with sensational and trivial shit.  We know your sponsors need to be paid, and that you’ve forsaken nearly all your ethics at times to pander to America’s addiction to sensation, but it would be great to occasionally also deliver facts, or question the veracity of facts…like, do pigs or snakes look best in lipstick? Elephants?  Or…Anyone?  Anyone?

I want Americans, who believe the media after a bone-throwing frenzy of sensational and trivial shit, to snap out of it.

I want people who thrive on saying they’re not political to listen, question, wonder, and develop an opinion then express that opinion.  It’s not being political — it’s being an American.

I want Democrats who are foaming at the mouth over Sarah Palin to shake it off and keep their eyes on the ball.

I want people to think about the real issues that affect their own lives, not the classic arguments that some  want us to mull over like, omg, that pig over there is letting her daughter wear lipstick.  The next thing you know, she’ll be pregnant. You know, seriously deep thinking about critical issues.

I want people to realize that as much as they may not like politicians, politicians can and do read the American public fairly well.  They know where all our buttons are and push them repeatedly.  You know, the button that has “abortion” written on it. Or the one with “Washington Insider” written on it.  And “sexist.”  Hey sweetie, can you let me know if my lipstick’s on my teeth?

Isn’t this election really about our economy?  Isn’t it about a war that’s draining our pockets of hard earned money?  A bill we’ll pay for years and years since wars aren’t cheap, but no, absolutely we won’t have our taxes raised.  No.  Wait.  Out the window.  It’s a bird.  It’s a plane.  It’s a pig with lipstick.

Isn’t it about looking at how completely screwed up it all is and how much we’re all affected by the mess?  Gasoline, heating oil, hell, anything created with oil, so think of all the by-products.  Food costs, anything related to food costs.  The environment.  Health care.  Oh, my, goodness.  Health care.

I’m sick of hearing that we should feel fortunate that we can at least afford it. Afford it?  How about capable of rolling down the window in my car and throwing nearly $800 a month out the window?  Afford it.  Sure.  I love giving that money to Blue Cross each and every month so that they can send me a beautiful statement  on thick, glossy paper printed in a variety of colors letting me know that we STILL haven’t made a deposit to our HSA.  Afford it.  I haven’t been to a doctor in nearly a year and a half.  When I do go, I’ll have to get out my wallet and pay because that $800 a month doesn’t cover much until we’ve spent over $5,000 in a year.  You have to be unhealthy to spend that much in a year, and we’re not, so we’ll never get to that number thankfully.  We’ll keep throwing the money out the window.

We’re happy like that.  Yes, ecstatically, deliriously happy.

After all, someone has to help foot the bill for those who are not insured and use hospital emergency rooms like a doctor’s office, and then can’t/won’t/don’t pay their medical bills.

And no, none of this matters at all because that economic stimulus check really did help pay Blue Cross for their pretty colored paper for an entire month.

Thanks muchly Dubyah.


I’d rather not care.  I’d rather think about whether that pig is wearing Chanel’s new fall color.


8 responses to “Pigs, Lipstick, and Other Shiny Objects”

  1. Lori

    You tagged this post with “snarking and sniping” but there is nothing snarky about this post at all. I think you have written an eloquent and profound plea, to everyone. I really love this and am forwarding it to friends and family, though that’s kind of preaching to the choir, since they share these beliefs but haven’t said them with such beautiful style. If only I knew someone (I almost said some idiot, oops) who NEEDED to read this, I’d forward it to them, too. Thank you for this.

  2. Thanks, Lori — I appreciate it very much. I feel so strongly about the outcome of this election, I know I’ll find myself waving signs on sidewalks soon reminding people to think about more than jokes, media spin, and vision limited by enormous blinders. It makes me crazy.

  3. Beth

    smile. I am, for one, glad that I am not the only one sending BC a ton of money each month and paying every time I go to the doc. The only time it will be useful is if we are both in a major car crash – something to look forward to.

    The American public is good at sticking their heads in the sand and hoping things just “turn out right.” What they don’t realize is that they are “turning out right” – exactly proportional to the amount of time they pay attention to real things….

  4. I love this post. Not at all snarky, but reality.

    I am always surprised at the stupid shit people get all bent up over, yet the important things are overlooked. I think the media hypes the stupid shit so “unaware” people WILL overlook what is important. Like the lipstick biz…really? I watched several newscasters and commentators pull the comparisons like taffee, constantly comparing who said what. Let’s get real. This is what we are wasting our time on? Right after debating if Palin is the right choice for VP since she “let” her daughter get pregnant at 17?? geesh. (not that I seriously consider that the Republicans will win this election, but that is another post…)
    I am watching this election very carefully myself, have been for a long time. I am still hoping that change can come..:), even if it is making one person at a time become more aware, or see things from a different angle.

  5. Lynn K.

    Kelly, I can’t find your email anywhere here, so ….I have a piggy bank with pink flowers that is a mistake. Send me an email if you want more details. Sorry, it has no lipstick.

  6. Earlene

    I love it when you are pissed off and Right On at the same time. You go girl!

  7. Beth, Yes, I’m thinking our insurance is so that after we’re ripped off by the system at least they won’t get our house. Something cheery to consider, isn’t it?

    Goddess, I could choose a different angle each day on the things media makes a big deal of and isn’t. Package, package, package. Change has to come. The way I look at it, at least then there will be something real to report on. I can’t wait.

    Lynn, can’t wait to see my little piggy. And I just may order another for myself — with lipstick. Heh.

    YO MOM. Thankyou. Thankyouveddymuch. 😉

  8. yeah. it really doesn’t seem like 9/11 was 7 years ago.

    As for this election, I can only VOTE and the hope and pray that Obama wins.

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