Dear President Obama

Dear President Obama:

I can’t tell you how much I’ve anticipated your Presidency.  Thank you so much for taking the time to throw your hat in the ring to run for the highest office in this land.

Now that I’ve made the perfunctory niceties, let me get down to business.  I have much to say…

1.  I hear everything you say.  Now I want you to do what you said you’d do.  I know that it will take some time, and I’m more than willing to wait since I’ve waited for eight seemingly endless years for someone to save us.  I have faith that you’ll begin your work as soon as possible.

2.  So there are quite a few Democrats in Congress who are probably rubbing their hands together just waiting to let the rumpus begin.  As seen by us all for the last eight years, a rumpus is not a fun thing to watch, let alone be on the receiving end of.  I have an inkling of an idea that you’ll give everyone a show with respect to NOT taking advantage of the majority in congress.  In fact, I believe you’ll hold your ground and work toward what you believe matters to the country, and not generally to a party line.  Right?

3.  Sure those Dems will be pissed off.  Too bad.  Nobody wants to have the sweet bird of paradise crap all over their birthday cake.  And pissing them off will most likely put the brakes on quite a few things you’ve got on your agenda.  But hold your own.  They’ll get over it.  It’s not about them, after all, is it?  It’s about us — the people who voted for you.  I know you listened to us, didn’t you?

4.  On the taxes issue.  I hear all kinds of crap about taking money away from the rich and spreading the wealth.  Poor souls don’t understand they aren’t the ones with the wealth you’re talking about.  But when I think about it, it’s kind of cool that people who earn a very good wage think they’re “wealthy.”  Only in America, right?  Those are the people you’re talking about strengthening, right?  They already pay quite a bit of their income in taxes, and I know it seems like they’re rich to those who make less, but at some point, just because you make more than those who make less doesn’t mean you need to pay even more.  Percentages are always good as far as I’m concerned.  So I’ll keep my eye on this one.  I am worried about how you’ll pay for the debt we’ve incurred in Iraq.  Somehow, that not so minor issue has been effectively swept under the carpet by many people who don’t love you as much as your voters do.

5.  It has been suggested to me that being the white woman have been since birth, I voted for you because I feel guilty that I’m white and you’re black.  I’m not sure what to say about this other than I voted for the person I thought was the smartest and had the most clear vision of what was possible for our country.  I noticed you were black and that your father was from Africa, and that your middle name was something that sends some people into some kind of a panic, but I decided you were smart and that’s more than I can say for the person who has served for the past eight years.

6.  You represent so much of what it means to be an American to me, giving hope to those who have come from similar backgrounds to know that they, too, with persistent effort, rise beyond their challenges in life.  It’s important to provide that hope, as much as it’s important to exude the hard work and effort it takes to achieve one’s dreams and goals.  Thank you for continuing to stress the importance of diligence.

7.  Could you please get on the health care issue?  I truly think this is the most important aspect of your work.  Having a system that is about whether an employer pays for insurance or whether one can “afford” it herself isn’t efficient.  Do what you can, please, to help people understand that waiting in line isn’t all there is to a different more effective health system for us all.

8.  I’m kind of sleepy so will make this short.  Well, short for me.  But I’d say that second priority is energy.  Something radical has to happen to steer us in the right direction regarding energy.  I love having choices, but I know the time is gone for me to continue to blithely say that I can afford whatever I have to pay for energy.  It’s not about that.  It’s more about what matters to the planet.  I’m tired of paying for foreign oil.  I’m tired of funding not being available to sustain the progress important to the development of alternative solutions.  Yes, there are people who will find problems with any alternative, but what are our options?  We need wind energy and solar energy, and nuclear energy, and…well you know.  Can you please keep all the oil mongers in line?  They seem to be quite the tough customer and only interested in themselves.  Shouldn’t it be illegal for an oil company to record $14 billion in profits for one quarter when consumers are paying astronomical prices?  They’ve made us all clowns while they’re on their way to the bank.  THOSE are the wealthy you’ve been talking about, right?

9.  Okay, it’s time for bed.  Thanks for listening.  I’ll be back routinely just to let you know what’s on my mind.  I’m just one of hundreds of millions, but I’m willing to talk in a civil manner which is quite challenging for others like my brother who insists upon calling you “Barry.”  You’ll have to forgive him.  He’s a bit cranky, but down deep he sort of gets it some of the time.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for running for President.  You have restored my weary heart and have given me so much to look forward to.

Sincere Congratulations,

Kelly who happens to live in Paradise


7 responses to “Dear President Obama”

  1. I LOVE YOU- even more than I ever did.

    I love this totally amazing post.

    Happy Voting!

    PS: Health care is one of my main concerns too.

  2. Oh Kelly! He won! he won! he won!

  3. […] I just hope he reads this letter one day. The images in the comments are Gravatars. You can set up your Gravatar at their web […]

  4. Yes he did. And in an amazingly brilliant fashion. Wow. Now let’s see what he can do. I have hope that amazing things will happen. But I’m also someone who wishes on stars at night so…who knows? w00000000000000t!

  5. excellent write kelly,, you really said a lot of things i am hoping he (as well as we) hear too!!!!!!

    “I’ll be back routinely just to let you know what’s on my mind.”

    and i will be here to remind you that you said this …

    i think obama is as good a president elect as i have seen in the nearly thirty years that i have been old enough to be considered an adult..

    i admire him as the human being he has introduced himself to be,, yet, i do not in any way envy him the next four years…

    he has a huge amount of work to do,, and a nation full of people that have proven that not only is attention deficit disorder nearly a prerequisite to being an american,, but will be salivating in the wings in anticipation of any minute error in judgment…

    we all agree change is what we want,, and what america needs.. i am anxiously awaiting our willingness to allow such change to actually be brought down to the individual level…

    i sincerely hope president obama can not only maintain some level of motivation toward change in the american public,, (when we realize that when he says change,, he means us)- but actually have the balls required to demand it of us, when and if we decide this is not exactly what we thought we were bargaining for…..

    once again,, excellent write girl!!

  6. This is a nice letter. Have you thought about sending it to him so that he can read it? It can’t hurt.

  7. So intuitive, getting your letter out ahead of time and all that. 😉

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