Notebooks and silk undies

One week to go before our trip to the UK, and I’m busy printing things for the MoH’s notebook.  Because he’s not involved in the planning, he’s often out of the loop outside of our discussions about a trip, when I can’t keep one more detail in my head and have to unload.  Bear in mind we have about eight books on travel marked, tagged, and dogeared I’ve been using for the past many months to get ready, but he likes his notebook.

In the long run, he’s not as technology oriented as I am, unless it has something to do with fantasy leagues for sports he enjoys, so the links and maps I’ve created probably won’t be used all that much.  In this day and age, if you have a laptop, then all the reading can be done like that instead of on paper which can’t come close to providing the same amount of information.  Do you get to use the Internet on flights now?


I need an iPad.


You agree, right?

It just might be a last minute shopping item along with the silk underwear someone told me I’d need to pack because it’s so cold in the Cotswolds at this time of year.  Silk undies?  It would make sense to explain that I’m more of a flannel person, and that the thought of trying to keep warm in something like that is interesting.


I’ll think about it.






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  1. OMG. YES. You TOTALLY need an iPad. Especially for your trip to the UK!

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