In my past life…


When I look at various places in England, I can’t help but think that’s where I’m supposed to be.  It’s a strange feeling.  I drop the man on Google maps street view and have a look around knowing that it’s a place I want to be, no matter where it is.  I’ve been there before, and it’s the only place I didn’t want to leave.

I could spend a lot of time talking about reincarnation, but I won’t, because I have a trip looming with last minute details nagging at me.

Have you ever felt you weren’t supposed to live in the time you’re living in?

If it wasn’t nearly 7pm which means I’ll need to go downstairs to make dinner, I’d tell you what I’ve felt:  that I belong somewhere else.  That I’ve been there before.  When I see images of it, I’m reduced to tears and wondering why.

It’s a bit unnerving.

I’ll have some time to think about this when we’re in England over the next two weeks, and I’ll pay close attention to my reactions.

It’s a bit strange, don’t you think?





One response to “In my past life…”

  1. No. I don’t think it’s all that strange. But, Im not all that normal!

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