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  • Fifty Years, Love and Memories

    Today is my mother and father-in-law’s 50th wedding anniversary.  Fifty years is a very long time.  I should know because that’s how long my very own bones have been on this planet learning to walk, and run, falling down, then starting again.  Relentlessly. Fifty years. A marriage lasting fifty years is more something to read […]

  • Cake, anyone?

    It’s 11:08 pm which means I still get to post my bloggoversary cake. They’re actually cupcakes, but still. Take a bite. I made ’em ‘specially for today. I know.  I forgot the candle.  If you’re dying for that I’ll have it on my food site. And yes. I have a new theme. No complaints, okay? […]

  • San Diego Chargers WIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    In spite of completely ROTTEN refs and Peyton Commercial King Manning, the Sunshine Boys have won. Without L.T. and without their first string quarterback. Clearly, the MoH and the RTR are not very happy…Bwahahahahahaha! Of course the carnage on the field is allowing the New Cheating England Patriots some glee in anticipation of their supposed […]